PET Bottle Recycling Plant Successfully Shipped to Mozambique

PET bottle recycling plant

In 2022, shuliy successfully closed a deal with an important customer in Mozambique. The customer ordered an entire efficient PET bottle recycling plant to process local waste PET bottles. The customer is delighted with our equipment and services. Let’s take a look at the details of this successful cooperation.

Customer’s requirements for the PET bottle recycling plant

The customer is engaged in the plastic recycling business and operates a professional plastic recycling factory, which has to process a large amount of waste plastics every day. The customer had previously purchased washing and pelletizing lines with higher capacity and configuration, and now needed a brand new, high-quality PET bottle washing plant.

Through communication with Shuliy, the customer realized that if Shuliy’s PET bottle washing plant is used, the whole process will be efficient and the machine will be high quality. Meanwhile, shuliy will also provide a series of after-sales services for the customer. Therefore, the customer was very satisfied and chose to cooperate with us.

Plastic bottle washing plant shipped to Mozambique

The entire plastic bottle washing plant has now been sent to Mozambique, so please keep a close eye on our website and we will keep you informed of the latest news.

Loading and delivery of the PET bottle recycling plant

After the PET bottle washing recycling machine arrived in Mozambique, the customer started to prepare for the installation. The installation method is online installation and on-site guidance installation. Under the guidance, the whole production line installation work is very smooth. The customer and shuliy engineer actively communicate with each other to solve the problem. The whole discussion process is very pleasant.

Parameters of PET bottle washing recycling machine

No. ItemSpecification
1.Climbing conveyor Convey the bottle to PET label remover machine
Length: 4m
Width: 0.6m
2.PET label remover machine Remove the label from the PET bottle
Power: 15kw+1.5kw
Diameter 0.63m
Length: 4.3m
Weight: 2600kg
3.Picking conveyor Sort out bottles with incompletely removed labels
Power: 3kw L6m*W0.6m
 4. Plastic bottle crusherCrush the bottle into small chips
Height: 2.6m
Power: 37+4+3kw
Model: SL-80
Capacity: 1000kg/h 
5.Plastic bottle cap sorting machine Separate PET chips and PE bottle cap
Power: 3kw5*1.0*1.1m
6.PET bottle hot washing tankWash PET flakes with hot water and a cleaning agent
Power: 60kw+4kw(electromagnetic heating)
Width: 1.3Height 2m
7.Rubbing washing machine With water recycling, clean the PET bottle enough, remove cleaning agents and other impurities
Power: 7.5kw L3*W0.4m
8.PET chips dewatering machine Dewatering for PET flakes
Power: 15kw
Size: L 2.5*W0.75m
9. Sharpener Knives length: 1m
Power: 1.5kw
10. Control cabinetL0.6m*W0.8*H 1.9m
Electricity part: Schneider

The whole PET bottle recycling plant can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, and we will actively provide you with the most suitable solutions. If you are interested in plastic recycling program, please contact us.

As an experienced manufacturer in plastic recycling, Shuliy is committed to researching advanced PET bottle recycling plant and providing solutions for waste management. Shuliy is looking forward to working with you to build a cleaner and more sustainable future.

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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