Hydraulic Plastic Baling Machine

Hydraulic plastic baling machine as an packaging equipment, can bale plastic, paper, clothes and other materials. Models are abundant and can be customized.
hydraulic plastic baling machine

With the rapid development of modern industry, plastic products are widely used in various fields. However, the disposal of waste plastics has been one of the major challenges in environmental protection and logistics. In order to solve this problem, the hydraulic plastic baling machine was born. This efficient machine compresses and bales waste plastics into compact bundles, greatly facilitating transportation, storage and waste management.

Raw materials of plastic baler

Unlike single-material handling equipment, the hydraulic plastic baler has a wide range of applications. It can be adapted to the characteristics and sizes of different materials, covering the treatment of waste plastics, cardboard, cardboard, clothes, sponges, sawdust, tires, wool, easy-landing cans, oil tanks, garbage cans, hay and many other materials.

various waste
Waste after baler treatment

Applications of hydraulic plastic baling machine

Scrap recycling industry

In the scrap recycling industry, large quantities of waste plastics need to be collected, sorted, compressed and baled for more efficient transportation and reprocessing. Hydraulic plastic baling machines are able to compress loose waste plastics into compact bundles, reducing space occupation and transportation costs.

Logistics and transportation

Baled plastic bundles not only reduce storage space, they also reduce volume and weight during transportation. This means that more goods can be carried in a single shipment, which reduces transportation costs and has a positive impact on the environment.


Plastic waste is often generated during the manufacturing process. With the hydraulic plastic baling machine, this waste can be efficiently compressed and baled for easy subsequent handling, recycling or disposal.

Structure and working principle of plastic baler

Hydraulic plastic baling machine adopts advanced hydraulic technology and combines with engineering principles to realize an efficient and stable baling process. Its basic structure includes hydraulic cylinder, pressure plate, handle switch, compression chamber and other components.

structure of hydraulic plastic baling machine
structure of hydraulic plastic baling machine

During operation, waste plastics are fed into the compression chamber, and the hydraulic cylinder starts to work, driving the pressure plate to apply downward pressure to gradually compress the waste plastics. Once the set level of compression is reached, the hydraulic system stops working. Then the pressure plate rises back up to bind the compressed waste plastics into compact packages, finally completing the baling process.

Video of waste bottle packing machine

Plastic baler working process

Two types of plastic baling machine

Vertical baling machine

The vertical baling machine is an automated baling machine realized through a hydraulic system. Its unique vertical structure allows it to handle large quantities of plastic waste while saving space. It is suitable for handling smaller volumes of plastic waste or packaging materials such as plastic bottles and cardboard.

Vertical balers utilize a hydraulic system to apply pressure and compress the material into firm blocks, thereby reducing transportation costs and storage space. In PET bottle washing lines, the vertical baler can quickly pack waste PET bottles, creating convenience for subsequent washing and reuse.

Horizontal baling machine

Horizontal baling machine is another common type of hydraulic plastic baling machine characterized by a horizontally placed baling chamber. It is usually used to handle larger volumes of plastic waste or packaging materials, such as plastic film and Styrofoam.
It works similarly to a vertical baler, but for larger sized materials. In plastic film pelletizing lines, horizontal balers can pack waste plastic film into compact pieces, providing efficient material handling for the subsequent pelletizing process.

Advantages of baler machine for plastic

  • High efficiency and energy saving: With the hydraulic system, the compression of materials can be completed in a short time, which saves time and labor costs and greatly improves production efficiency. At the same time, the optimized design of the hydraulic system also makes the energy consumption effectively controlled, realizing energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Flexible Adaptation: Unlike some single-function equipment, the hydraulic plastic baling machine can be adapted to handle a variety of materials, which reduces the investment cost and improves the utilization rate of resources.
  • Space saving: By compactly baling waste materials, the hydraulic plastic baling machine reduces the volume of materials. It saves storage and transportation space, reduces operation costs, and improves resource utilization efficiency.
  • High-quality baling: The baled material is strong and tightly packed, which reduces loosening and damage during transportation and ensures the integrity of the material.

Parameters of plastic baler for sale

The following data are the basic parameters of the hot-selling hydraulic plastic baling machine, if you are interested, please feel free to leave a message through the website or contact us directly. Our sales manager will be happy to recommend the most suitable machine for you.

Model: SL-40

Pressure(ton): 30
Power(kw): 7.5
Size(mm): 900*600*800
Output(t/h): 1-1.2T
Weight(ton): 1.3

Model: SL-80

Pressure(ton): 80
Power(kw): 11
Size(mm): 1100*800*1000
Output(t/h): 2-3T
Weight(ton): 2

Model: SL-120

Pressure(ton): 120
Power(kw): 18.5
Size(mm): 1200*800*1200
Output(t/h): 4-5T
Weight(ton): 3.2

hydraulic plastic baling machine
hydraulic plastic baling machine

Related recycling line

PET bottle washing line

With the wide use of plastic bottles, PET bottle washing line is an important part of the plastic bottle recycling process. The hydraulic plastic baling machine can clean and pack the waste PET bottles, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources and provide high-quality materials for reproduction.

PET bottle washing line
PET bottle washing line

Plastic film recycling line

In the plastic processing industry, discarded plastic film is a common waste material. The hydraulic plastic baling machine packs them and sends them to the plastic film pelletizing line for reprocessing, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also save the cost of raw materials.

plastic pelletizing line
plastic pelletizing line

Hydraulic plastic baling machine quotation

If you are also interested in hydraulic plastic baling machine and want to find plastic baler with good quality and low price, please feel free to leave a message through the website or contact us directly. Our sales managers will be happy to answer your questions.