Rigid Plastic Shredder Machine

Rigid plastic shredder machine can crush hard plastics such as plastic drums into small pieces. Important information such as working principle, price, etc. will be introduced here.
rigid plastic shredder machine

Our rigid plastic shredder machine is a kind of machinery and equipment designed to deal with waste plastics, through the precise cutting and crushing of waste plastic products into small pieces that can be reused. The output of the Shuliy plastic crusher ranges from 600-1200kg/h, which provides strong support for plastic recycling.

HDPE shredder machine working video

Application Range of Rigid Plastic Shredder Machine

Rigid plastic shredder machine is widely used in the plastic recycling industry and by plastic product manufacturers. It can process all kinds of rigid plastic wastes, including but not limited to PET bottles, PVC pipes, HDPE sheets, and so on. These rigid plastic wastes are usually difficult to degrade after being discarded, causing serious problems to the environment. With the industrial plastic shredder machine, these wastes can be efficiently crushed into smaller pieces for subsequent reprocessing or recycling.

crusher plastic machine
Rigid plastic shredder machine

What Are Rigid Plastics?

Rigid plastics are plastic materials that are hard, and strong and retain their shape even when not in use. They are produced through a variety of thermoforming processes and include products such as buckets, sprinklers, planters, garden furniture, laundry baskets, garbage cans, and pipes.

Rigid plastics differ from soft plastics, which are soft and pliable and are commonly used in products such as plastic bags, packaging film, and shrink wrap. While both types of plastics can be recycled, rigid plastics are typically more difficult to recycle due to their size and shape.

However, with the use of advanced plastic recycling techniques and machinery, the recycling of rigid plastics is becoming more efficient and effective and is an important step in reducing waste and promoting sustainable processing practices.

Working Principle of Hard Plastic Shredder

The working principle of the industrial plastic shredder machine is based on the high-speed rotation of the blades and the collision friction of the hard plastic. When the hard plastic enters the crushing chamber, the hard plastic crusher machine blades quickly cut and break it into small pieces.

After many cuts and impacts, the hard plastic is finally crushed into the required size. The hard plastic crusher machine screen then plays the role of sorting in this process, passing the pieces that meet the specifications and ensuring the quality of the final product.

Plastic shredder machine design and structure

Infeed opening

Rigid plastic shredder machine is equipped with a wide feeding opening to accommodate different sizes of plastic products. Continuous and efficient workflow is realized by an automatic feeding device.

Infeed opening of plastic crusher
shredding chamber

Crushing chamber

The layout of the blades in the crushing chamber is carefully designed to ensure that the plastic products are crushed evenly and efficiently. The optimization of waste plastic shredder machine internal structure reduces energy consumption and improves crushing efficiency.


Waste plastic crusher machine adopts multi-angle and multi-level blade design, which can effectively cut different types of rigid plastics. The selection of plastic crusher machine blade material is strictly tested to ensure long service life.

Knife holder of plastic shredder
screen of rigid plastic shredder machine


During the crushing process, the fine particles need to be screened through the plastic materials shredder screen to ensure the uniform size of the final product. For hard plastics, screen diameters are typically 20 mm to 26 mm.

The plastic materials shredder screen mesh can be replaced according to different needs, adapting to different application scenarios, and you can contact Shuliy at any time to get the right screen.

What Are The Parameters of Shredder For Rigid Plastics?

These plastic waste shredder machines are hot-selling models of Shuliy’s plastic crushers with different power and processing capacities for plastic crushing operations of different sizes and needs. They utilize advanced crushing technology and are equipped with multiple rotating blades to effectively crush plastic materials to the desired size. Each waste plastic crushing machine model has a different number and diameter of rotary blades as well as feed opening size, so users can choose the right model according to their specific needs.

Power30 kW45 kW55 kW
Blade width600cm800cm1000cm
Blades material60Si2Mn60Si2Mn60Si2Mn
Blades qty 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs 
Technical parameters of waste plastic crusher machine

In addition to the models listed above, Shuliy offers a wide range of hard plastic shredders in different sizes and configurations that can be customized to meet specific needs. Feel free to inquire for more details or customization needs.

Features of Industrial Plastic Shredder Machine

Highly Efficient Crushing Capacity

The rigid plastic shredder machine adopts a powerful drive and special blades, which can quickly cut rigid plastic products into small fragments to improve processing efficiency. The rigid plastic shredder machine blade pitch and speed can be adjusted to obtain the desired chip size, increasing the flexibility of the machine to meet the different reprocessing needs of users.

Durable and Stable

The industrial plastic shredder machine has a sturdy structure and is made of high-quality materials. It can run stably for a long time, adapt to different kinds of rigid plastics, and reduce the maintenance cost.

plastic shredder recycling machine
plastic shredder recycling machine

High Safety

Considering the safety of operators, the rigid plastic shredder machine is equipped with multiple safety devices. The automatic stop device, emergency stop button, and protective cover ensure the safety of the operation process in all aspects.

Customizable to Meet Diverse Needs

Every industry and every company has different needs. Shuliy offers customization options to adapt the parameters, appearance, and configuration of our plastic crushers to the specific requirements of our customers. This ensures that the rigid plastic shredder machine is optimally adapted to the characteristics of different plastic wastes and achieves the best possible results.

Process Video of Waste Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic materials shredder in action

Successful Case: Waste Plastic Crusher For World Market

Plastic Shredder Machine Sent To Ghana

The SL-600 rigid plastic shredder machine launched by Shuliy has been successfully sold to Ghana. The machine has won the favor of customers with its powerful power and efficient production performance. It crushes waste plastics efficiently and facilitates the next step of recycling waste plastics, which improves the recycling efficiency of customers and increases revenue.

Plastic Recycling Equipment Shipped to Kenya

A plastic recycling plant owner from Kenya customized a set of plastic recycling equipment including a hard plastic shredder from Shuliy for better processing of waste plastics. Plastic recycling equipment has been put into operation and the customer is very satisfied with these recycling machines.

plastic washing recycling machine for sale Kenya
plastic washing recycling machine for sale Kenya

Rigid Plastic Shredder Machine in Recycling Plants

PET Bottle Recycling Plant

PET bottle recycling plant includes one rigid plastic shredder machine, one rinsing tank, one plastic dewatering machine, and other machines used to clean and recycle plastic waste for reuse.

If you want to process your plastic waste efficiently and cost-effectively, feel free to contact us and our project managers will customize a recycling solution for you. We will design the solution and machine according to your material cleanliness and final product requirements.

PP PE Plastic Recycling Plant

PP PE plastic recycling plant includes a rigid plastic shredder machine, plastic washing tank, plastic recycling pelletizer machine, plastic granule cutter, and other plastic recycling machines used to pelletize and recycle plastic waste into versatile recycled plastic pellets. If you have waste plastics and don’t know what to do with them, please contact us! We will provide professional advice and advanced plastic recycling equipment to help you dispose of your waste materials while gaining economic benefits.

Inquiry About Hard Plastic Shredder Price!

Do you know how to do hard plastic recycling? Hurry up and contact us! Our sales manager will inform you rigid plastic shredder machine price and other details of the plastic shredder machine as soon as possible according to the model of the plastic crusher and other factors, and provide you with the most suitable solution and the most favorable offer.

industrial plastic shredder machine
industrial plastic shredder machine