Hot Washing Tank for PET Bottle Flake Cleaning

The hot washing tank mainly removes impurities and oil on the surface of bottle flakes through high temperature washing. This article will introduce its working principle, price and so on.
hot washing tank

Hot washing tank is a specialized equipment for washing PET bottle flakes. Its main function is to remove impurities, oils and adhesives adhering to the surface of bottle flakes through high-temperature cleaning, thus significantly improving the purity and quality of recycled PET. With its high efficiency and stable cleaning performance, the PET flakes hot washing machine has become an indispensable and important equipment in the PET bottle flakes recycling process.

Hot washing tank in PET recycling plant

Advantages of hot washing tank

1、Hot washing tank is designed for plastic flakes and can scrape the impurities on the surface of the flakes, especially for very dirty bottles.

2、High-speed spiral agitation, can work continuously so that the material fully scrubbed each other, dirty soil, and sand particles by the filter spray water away from the removal.

3、Hot washing tank is the necessary machine for PET bottle recycling line. Its appearance, model and other introductions are customized, you can contact us at any time for customized production solutions.

4、High output and high cleanliness. After having a hot washing tank, you can sell it at a very good price.

5、Powerful rotation, a double tank cleaning machine can clean the oil on the flake, and a steam cleaner will heat the water to make the material get a perfect cleaning.

6、We support the installation and commissioning of customers. We are a professional manufacturer of recycling plastic machinery. We have rich experience in this field. We always put quality as our top priority. So please trust us.

 Application of plastic scrap washing machine

Plastic scrap washing machine is indispensable equipment for any plastic recycling industry. Also known as PET flakes hot washing machine, it produces high-quality grade recyclables. Add a plastic scrap washing machine to the PET plastic washing line to remove contaminant materials such as adhesives, waste label residues, beverage and food residues, and odors will be removed.

How hot water washing tank works

The hot water washing tank consists of a tank containing a caustic washing solution in which an insert rotates in a circular motion. This insert contains a number, depending on the throughput. A separate washing chamber is filled and emptied by the rotating principle. A predetermined amount of abrasive material is introduced into the washing chamber by means of a dosing screw.

A certain amount of caustic solution is contained in the washing chamber and is continuously moved by the screw. Just like in a carousel, the vessel continues to move until the filling process is finished and then the next vessel is filled. The cyclic motion determines the residence time of the abrasive material retained in the caustic solution until it is discharged from the carousel.

The wash circuit is connected to a hot washer for continuous cleaning of the alkaline wash solution. The full volume of the alkaline wash solution is changed 2.5 times per hour. This involves pumping the caustic wash solution from the hot water washing tank for cleaning in the decanters. The cleaned alkaline wash fluid is returned to the hot water washing tank after passing through the heat exchanger.

Parameters of PET bottle hot washing tank

Outer thickness4mm
Bottom thickness8mm
MaterialCarton steel
Heating methodElectric and steam

Structure of PET flakes hot washing tank machine

  • The inner surface of PET flakes hot washing machine is mirror polished; the surface of the shell is mirror polished or abrasive frosted surface treatment.
  • The inlet and outlet pipe mouth and inner liner body are welded with a flanging process, with rounded transition, smooth edge, and easy to clean.
  • Coal or natural gas is used to heat the PET flakes hot washing machine. Water is the heating medium, generating heat to heat the material in the tank.

Display of hot washing tank

Recommended plastic recycling line

The whole PET bottle washing line includes label removing machine, PET bottle crushing machine, plastic scrap washing machine, plastic bottle cap sorting machine, dewatering machine, etc. The plastic bottle recycling line is mainly used for processing plastic packaging bottles, films and synthetic fibers by removing labels, crushing, high-temperature cleaning, dewatering, and drying.

We have rich experience in tailoring cleaning and recycling solutions and equipment configuration according to customers’ raw materials and needs, which effectively improves the quality and market competitiveness of recycled materials and realizes the recycling of resources.

PET bottle recycling line
PET bottle recycling line