Plastic Granulation Line Successfully Shipped to Germany 

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Plastic granulation line is the process of converting waste plastic into granular plastic. The whole plastic granulation line includes waste plastic crushing, cleaning and granulation. The plastic granulation line mainly includes plastic shredder machine, rinsing tank, vertical type dewatering machine, industrial plastic granulator, cooling tank, and pellet cutting device.

Information about German customer

Germany is considered to have the highest waste recycling rate in the world. Through the enactment of laws and policies on plastic waste reduction at source, major organizations and citizens are actively taking measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated at source and to enhance the recycling of plastic waste.

With the support of the national policy and the keen business insight of this German customer, he decided to start a plastic recycling business last year. It mainly recycles some waste plastic films and so on.

Why choose Shuliy plastic granulation line

Business cannot be conducted without specialization and mechanization. This customer was actively looking for plastic recycling granulating line manufacturer online and found us on YouTube.

Previously, he had already gathered enough information about the plastics recycling industry and equipment. During the exchange, the German customer conveyed his main concerns about the plastic recycling granulating line: the material of the equipment, the design details, and the effect of the finished product.

The customer could not visit the factory on-site for some reason, so our sales staff showed the solution to the customer through online meeting, provided pictures of the machine, and introduced the workflow of the plastic recycling granulating line.

In order to show the effect of the finished recycled pellets, our R&D factory arranged a trial test for the customer via video link and provided detailed data on the plastic pelletizing production line’s cost, output, and labor.

Shuliy also shared with customers specific cases that he had worked with Saudi customers. After the persistence and consistent patient service of our staff, we finally won the customer’s trust.

Parameters of plastic pelletizing production line

Plastic shredder machineModel: SLSP-600
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 500-600kg/h
Knives: 10pcs
Knives Material: 60Si2Mn
Conveyor belt Power: 2.2kw
Length: 3m
Width: 350mm
Forced feeder Make raw materials better enter the host
Power: 2.2kw
Plastic recycling pelletizing machine Host pellet making machine
Model: SL- 150
Power: 37kw500 reducer 
2m screw
Electromagnetic heating 
Second pellet making machine
Model: SL- 150
Power: 15kw 400reducer
1m screw
Heating ring
Cooling tank Length: 3m
Material: stainless steel
Plastic granule cutter Power: 2.2kw1
Bagging machineModel: SL-30
Power: 1.1kw
Storage bin Power: 2.2kw
Capicity: 1 ton

Plastic granulation line sent to Germany

This is the waste plastic granulation line sent to Germany, the color of the machine has been adjusted according to customer requirements. The entire waste plastic granulation line can also be customized as per customer’s requirement.

Shuliy delivered the waste plastic granulation line on time. After the installation and commissioning of the equipment and formal production, it is running smoothly.

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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