Plastic Crushing Machine

Plastic crushing machine is specialized in crushing waste plastics, such as plastic bags, woven bags, films, raffia grass, etc., with a power of up to 1200KG/H. In this article we will introduce the working principle, structure, parameters, price and other issues you care about plastic crusher.
plastic crusher machine

Plastic crushing machine is widely used for crushing waste plastics and recycling of plastic trimmings in factories. It can shred various waste plastics such as woven bags, films, food packaging bags, etc. These processed PP PE granules can be used for spinning to make fiber and so on.

As a plastic crusher manufacturer in China, we have rich experience in manufacturing plastic crushing machine for plastic film recycling plant, and PP PE flake recycling plant.

Waste plastic crusher machine working process

Introduction of plastic crushing machine

Plastic crushing machine is a mechanical environmental protection recycling equipment specially made for the shredding and crushing of materials, commonly used in the production line of the plastic recycling industry. Plastic crushing machines can shred polypropylene PP PE plastic products and materials, such as plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic barrels, plastic products trimmings, etc., to facilitate plastic recycling and recycled plastic pellets.

Shuliy Machinery’s waste plastic crushing machine processing capacity ranges from 600-1200KG/H, which can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, you just need to let us know the size and dimensions of the waste to be processed, and we will provide you with the right plastic crusher machine.

Application of waste plastic crusher

Plastic crushing machine is designed to pulverize various plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, ABS, PS, PC, etc. to turn them into granular materials that can be used for recycling in the next step. The plastic materials shredder is widely used for recycling plastic films, plastic pipes and other waste materials.

Parameters of PP PE flakes shredding equipment

As a professional plastic crusher machine manufacturer, Shuliy offers a wide range of crusher models. Below are some hot models of plastic waste crushers and their parameters. If you are interested, you can also directly consult with Shuliy’s sales manager to get the most suitable crushing solution for your plastic recycling factory’s needs.

Motor power(kW)455555
Material of knives(Si2Mn)606060
Number of Knives(pcs) 10 10 10
Box width(cm)6008001000
Plastic waste crusher technical data

Working principle of plastic crusher machine

Plastic crusher machine in the working process, its motor drives the rotating blade disc high-speed rotation, high-speed rotation of the rotating blade and fixed blade with the formation of relative movement trend.

At the same time, the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife is used to produce plastic grinding and cutting edge, thus crushing large pieces of plastic.

Finally, the crushed plastic is filtered and output through the screen according to the size of plastic particles.

Video of plastic crusher for recycling

Waste plastic shredder machine in action

Characteristics of plastic shredder

  1. Plastic crusher blades are forged from special steel with thick body and strong crushing force, excellent cutting ability and high output.
  2. The body of the waste plastic shredder machine is welded with a high-strength steel plate, which is able to withstand high torque, is extremely sturdy and durable, and has a long service life.
  3. Plastic shredder with low noise, dust in line with environmental standards and easy to adjust, low maintenance costs.
  4. Plastic crushing machines can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Whether you have special needs for appearance, specifications, or the type of plastic to be processed, Shuliy has the solution.

Maintenance of plastic shredder machine

  • The plastic shredder machine should be kept well grounded, and placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the heat of the motor work is distributed to prolong its life.
  • The bearings should be filled with lubricant regularly to ensure the lubrication between the bearings.
  • To ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge of the plastic crusher machine blade, the knife should be checked frequently to ensure its sharpness and reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the dullness of the knife.
  • Check regularly whether the plastic crusher belt is slack, and adjust the tightness in time.

Field trip to the plastic crushing machine factory

As a plastic crusher machine manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in plastic recycling, Shuliy welcomes all customers to visit our factory to show them our real production and processing capability.

We always believe that a site visit is important when buying a plastic crushing machine. You are welcome to visit our factory to see the real machine, or even to operate the plastic crushing machine yourself!

Recommend plastic pelletizing machines

The plastic pelletizing plant mainly includes plastic crushing and washing machine, plastic rinsing tank, vertical type drying machine, plastic granulator, cooling tank, and plastic pellet cutting machine. The plastic recycling granulator machine converts PP PE waste plastics into pellets and reuses them for secondary use.

If you are interested in plastic recycling pelletizing, please feel free to contact us or leave a message on our website. Our professional staff will recommend the most suitable machine for you.

Plastic film shredder price

As a professional plastic waste shredder machine supplier, we offer a wide range of plastic crushers in various sizes and capacities, with prices varying according to models and features. If you have any questions about plastic crushing machine, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with the most suitable solution.