Automatic Feeding Machine

Automatic Feeding Machine | Forced Feeder
Automatic feeding machine

The automatic feeding machine, also called a forced feeder, is an auxiliary equipment in the plastic film recycling line, which is used to feed plastic film waste with very light material into the plastic pelletizing machine continuously and evenly. The automatic feeding machine is suitable for feeding all plastic films such as PE PP, replacing manual feeding, saving labor, and improving production efficiency.

forced feeder for plastic recycling

Working Principle of Automatic Feeding Machine

The automatic feeding machine includes a hardened gear reducer, drive shaft, and control cabinet.

The machine can directly feed the complete plastic film into the extruder, under the action of the drive shaft. When the material is blocked, the machine can automatically turn over, to achieve the advantage of not blocking the material.

Advantages of Forced Feeder

  • The high degree of automation, simple operation, and easy to move. It can easily convey plastic pellets to the plastic granulator machine, significantly reducing labor costs.
  • Good stability and reliable operation; fast response and sensitive adjustment; simple structure with stainless steel frame, easy to install and disassemble.
  • Independent filtration device, easy to dust and noise reduction device, to achieve silent operation and long service life.

Parameters of Forced Feeder


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