Horizontal Foam Crusher

Horizontal foam crusher is mainly used to crush waste EPS foam, and then crushed foam pieces are sent into the granulator forpelletizing. The output of Shuliy foam crusher is 250 -500 kg/h.
plastic foam crusher

Horizontal foam crusher, also called plastic shredder, is specially designed for expanded polystyrene. It can crush the waste EPS foam into small pieces and then send the crushed foam into the plastic foam extruder for recycling and granulation, which is the ideal crushing machine in the plastic foam granulating plant. Shuliy foam crushing machines offer excellent performance and high production rates of 250 to 500 kilograms per hour.

Introduction of horizontal foam crusher

Horizontal foam crusher provides a solution for foam waste disposal by crushing large volumes of foam waste into manageable sizes. And the crushed foam can be reused directly in the production process. In addition, the horizontal foam crusher can be equipped with an EPS foam compactor or plastic foam granulator to improve foam recycling efficiency.

Raw material of plastic foam crusher

Plastic foam crusher is a single crushing shaft with a horizontal hopper. It can crush all kinds of EPE and EPS foam waste, such as take-away boxes, leisure food boxes, cake boxes, fruit net sets, construction materials and other plastic foam.

Features of horizontal foam crusher

  • Plastic foam crusher is widely used to crush all kinds of foam, it crushes waste foam into small particles, which can be recycled, and it is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment for plastic foam recycling plants.
  • Foam crusher machine has a high degree of automation and can feed materials automatically, which effectively saves labor and reduces production costs.
  • Shuliy horizontal foam crusher is made of high-quality steel with knife seat, stable and durable structure, easy to clean and maintain, simple and durable design, with feeding opening at the bottom, which can greatly reduce the volume of polystyrene waste.
plastic foam crusher
plastic foam crusher

Working principle of plastic foam shredder

EPS foam crusher has several sharp blades inside. When the machine is running, the high-speed rotating blades can quickly cut plastic foam products.

Because the blades are made of durable steel, they are strong and durable. In addition, the plastic shredder is equipped with a double dust removal system. This makes the crushed material clean.

horizontal foam crusher in factory
horizontal foam crusher in factory

Basic components of EPS foam shredder

Hopper: The entry point of the EPS foam where the material is fed into the EPS foam shredder.

Cutting chamber: The area where the crushing process takes place, housing the rotating blades or knives that break down the foam.

Motor and drive system: Powering the plastic foam shredder, the motor usually ranges from electric to hydraulic depending on the size and requirements of the machine.

Discharge system: The output mechanism, usually a conveyor or air system, transports the shredded foam particles to a collection point where they await additional equipment for further processing.

Control panel: Allows the operator to monitor and control the performance of the EPS foam shredder, including speed, throughput and safety features.

Parameters of horizontal foam crusher

TypeContour size(mm)Input size (mm)Power (KW)Capacity (KG/H)
Foam crushing machine basic data

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