PET Bottle Recycling Line

PET bottle recycling line can recycle various bottles into clean PET flakes, which can be used for secondary use and can also be sold at a good price. This article will introduce its recycling steps, features, price and so on.
PET bottle recycling line

The main purpose of the PET bottle recycling line is to recycle various PET bottles into clean and impurity-free PET flakes, which can be used for secondary use and can also be sold at a good price. Shuliy Machinery has been manufacturing PET bottle recycling machine for many years and exporting them all over the world. Welcome to inquire about the machine and visit our PET bottle recycling plant!

PET bottle recycling plant working process.

Introduction of PET bottle recycling line

The whole PET bottle recycling line includes label removal machine, PET bottle crushing machine, plastic scrap washing machine, a plastic bottle cap sorting machine, dewatering machine, etc. The PET bottle washing plant is mainly used for processing plastic packaging bottles, films, and synthetic fibers by removing labels, crushing, high-temperature cleaning, dewatering, and drying.

As a reliable PET bottle recycling machine supplier, we have rich experience in tailoring cleaning and recycling solutions and PET bottle recycle plant configurations according to customers’ raw materials and needs, which effectively improves the quality and market competitiveness of recycled materials and realizes the recycling of resources.

Raw materials & products of PET bottle washing line

PET plastic bottles are widely used in the packaging of carbonated drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, and other beverages. The recycled and cleaned pet plastic bottles can be used to make sleeping bags, pillow cores, car wheel covers, and so on, in addition to making pet plastic bottles again.

China’s PET plastic bottle consumption is very high, PET plastic bottles can be reprocessed into treasure, not only to solve the problem of China’s pet raw material shortage but also to reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources. The technology of PET bottle washing line has a very broad prospect.

Cleaning process of PET bottle washing line

Sorting and removing labels

Sorting and removing labels is to separate out the raw materials such as bottles, bottles of different colors, caps, labels, and other impurities that are not PET. 


In the process of crushing, not only the whole bottle can be broken into pieces, there is a strong pre-washing function, and the proper operation can remove more than 80% of the sediment and other impurities.


The washing process is mainly used to clean the mud and sand and other impurities attached to the surface of the used recycled plastic pieces.


It is convenient for dehydration and air-drying of plastic broken materials.


The plastic flakes are stored to facilitate packaging and secondary use.

Video of plastic bottle recycling line

PET bottle washing plant in action.

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Introduction of PET bottle recycling machine

conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

It is used to feed raw materials into the PET bottle label remover machine, which is a necessary equipment line for plastic bottle recycling.

Tumbler Screen

Tumbler screen

Tumbler screen is mainly used to effectively separate mixed PET bottles from other impurities, ensuring that the quality of the raw material obtained in the regeneration process is purer.

Label Removing Machine

 Label removing machine

 It can rinse the dirt and mud attached to the outside and is used for crushing PET bottles and further cleaning before the process.

PET plastic bottle crusher

Plastic bottle shredder

The plastic bottle shredder is used to crush PET bottles, which can crush the raw material into small flakes. The unique design can prevent problems such as jamming and lack of power.

washing and sorting tank

Plastic washing tank

Washing tank Separates PP or PE bottle caps from PET bottle flakes and also washes plastic bottle flakes at once. If the plastic is highly contaminated, a second washing tank is placed for better cleaning.

hot washing tank

Hot washing pot

The cleaning agent effectively removes the stains such as watering and oil stains adhered to the surface of bottle flakes under the action of high temperature.

plastic friction washer

Frictional washing machine

Removing impurities such as sticky glue on PET bottle flakes by strong friction of brushes inside the plastic rubbing machine can effectively clean PET flakes.

Horizontal dryer

Plastic dryer

 The cleaned plastic flakes will be dried in the plastic drying machine.

storage bin

Storage bin

It is suitable for storing PET flakes and also separating different materials. It is convenient for packing and saves labor.

2 types of plastic bottle washing line

Among PET bottle recycling lines, cold washing line and hot washing line are the two main types that are commonly used, each of which utilizes different processes and equipment to suit different washing needs.

The cold washing line uses room temperature water for cleaning without heating. During the entire cleaning process, not only can it effectively remove surface dirt and impurities, but it can also avoid plastic denaturation caused by high temperatures.

plastic bottle recycling line
plastic bottle recycling machine
plastic bottle washing line
plastic bottle washing plant

In contrast, hot washing line uses high-temperature water during the cleaning process to thoroughly remove dirt, grease, and residue. A key piece of equipment in a hot wash line is the hot washing tank, which heats the water to a high temperature, allowing for more effective cleaning.

Trade cases of PET bottle recycling line

PET bottle recycling plant successfully shipped to Mozambique

Shuliy has successfully concluded a deal with an important customer in Mozambique. The customer is very satisfied with our plastic recycling equipment and Shuliy service.

Plastic bottle washing plant exported to Nigeria

A customer in Nigeria customized the plastic bottle recycling machine and plastic pelletizing equipment from Shuliy to process local waste.

Shuliy’s technical team traveled to Nigeria to install and commission a plastic bottle recycling machine and a plastic pelletizing plant for a Nigerian customer to process local waste, providing not only professional technical support, but also a series of customized adjustments according to the customer’s actual needs, to ensure that the equipment can meet the customer’s production requirements to the maximum extent possible.

Advantages of Shuliy PET bottle recycling line

Multiple capacities

Fully automated intelligent PET bottle recycling line.

Safety compliance

All of our machines are manufactured according to CE standards. All rotating parts are equipped with safety fences or shields to avoid injury to people as much as possible. Inspection ports are equipped with limit switches. All lines are equipped with emergency switches.

PET bottle recycling line
PET bottle recycling line

Long life operation

The related equipment is safe and durable, capable of long-life operation. Effectively reduce the cost of PET bottle recycling line.

Water saving

Wastewater treatment is provided to reduce water consumption to less than 1 liter per ton of PET flakes.

Energy saving

The reasonable design of plant structure not only cleans materials but also helps customers to save electricity, thus helping them to create more profit.

Plastic bottle recycle machine price

Are you curious about how to process PET plastic? And how much do plastic bottle recycling machines cost? Usually, the PET bottle recycling line price will vary according to the machine model, processing capacity and production efficiency. If you are interested in plastic bottle recycling machine or want to know the price information, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with detailed inquiry service to meet your needs.

The necessity of PET bottle recycling line

The annual amount of waste plastics in China is about 5 million tons, plastic has corrosion resistance, and not easy to-decompose characteristics, plastic waste rain for a long time, and the toxic additives in plastic will enter the groundwater, rivers, and lakes caused by pollution, endangering human health!

Therefore, waste plastic has caused a lot of potential harm to the environment and has become an environmental issue of concern to all sectors of society in China. And this characteristic and its small weight and large volume in the garbage determines that its final disposal is not suitable for landfill.

 However, it is a macromolecular material with high calorific value, recycling is in line with the basic national policy of sustainable development in China, and can also make full use of its intrinsic value, save resources and protect the environment.

Plastic pollution

Significance of PET bottle recycling line

Protect the environment

Improper disposal of waste plastics can cause pollution to the environment and deterioration of the local ecological environment. By PET bottle recycling line, we can reduce its impact on the environment, prevent pollution, and protect the ecological environment.

Saving resources

The production of plastics consumes a lot of resources such as PET role, and the recycling of waste plastics can precisely reuse these resources and achieve the purpose of saving. In the process of processing waste plastics, plastics can be recycled and reprocessed to make new plastic products, thus achieving the purpose of saving resources.

Cost reduction

Compared to the production of new plastics, recycling waste plastics is less expensive. At the same time, recycling waste plastics can bring additional revenue to manufacturing companies.

Prospect of PET bottle recycling line

Currently, recycling waste plastics has become a very important task worldwide. Governments and enterprises have invested a lot of human and material resources to promote the development of waste plastics recycling.

In China, the waste plastic recycling industry is also developing rapidly. The government has introduced a series of policies and measures to support the recycling of waste plastics, which can also promote the development of environmental protection.

At the same time, domestic enterprises have actively invested in the recycling industry to promote the concept of reusing waste plastics, forming the scale of the waste plastics recycling industry, and the recycling of plastic scrap also brings more resources to enterprises. Therefore, the PET bottle recycling line market has a broad prospect and a promising future.

PET bottle washing plant

PET bottle washing plant