Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line

Plastic foam pelletizing line is mainly used for recycling various waste foam. The recycled granules can be made into other new products.
Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line

Plastic foam pelletizing line is mainly used for recycling and pelletizing various waste foam. The waste plastic is crushed into small plastic pellets which can be used twice as packaging materials, insulation materials, etc. The most important equipment of the plastic foam pelletizing line is the plastic foam extruder which will melt and extrude the plastic pellets.

What Are EPS Foam And EPE Material?

Foam EPS is a common plastic material that is made from polystyrene through a special processing process. It is commonly used in packaging materials, construction materials, and various household products. It gets its name from its appearance, which usually takes the form of white foam.

Foam EPS is widely used in construction materials because of its excellent thermal insulation and shock absorption properties. However, the manufacturing process of EPS foam generates a lot of waste gas and wastewater, which causes pollution to the environment. The service life of foam EPS is relatively short, which is not conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Expandable polyethylene (EPE), commonly known as pearl cotton. EPE consists of many individual bubble holes produced by chemical or physical foaming. EPE pearl cotton foam is light and soft, absorbing impact and dispersing energy under the action of external forces to cushion items. Widely used in high-end furniture, electronic products, pharmaceuticals, and other valuable and fragile items of packaging.

Raw Materials And Final Products

The main source of plastic foam pelletizing line is EPE EPS waste packaging, such as foam fast food boxes, foam packaging boxes, fruit net covers, refrigerator outer packaging foam, and other white foam waste.

Through the plastic foam pelletizing line, EPS and EPE foam are granulated and eventually, new recycled pellets can be obtained. It can be made into other new products to be put into use, and realize the waste to treasure of foam.

EPE EPS Foam Pelletizing Process

As EPE and EPS are made of different materials, their granulation processes are also different. EPE is made of softer material and the EPE granulator comes with a feeding device, so the waste EPE foam can be directly fed into the EPE foam granule machine for processing.

EPS, on the other hand, due to its large size, must first be crushed into small pieces by the foam crusher, and then into the EPS granulator for granulation. The design of this process ensures that each material can be efficiently converted into recycled pellets to meet different recycling needs.

Video of Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line

EPE EPS Pelletizing Video

Equipment Introduction Of Foam Recycling Machine

EPS Foam Melting Machine

The EPS foam melting machine is specifically designed to reduce the volume of waste-expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) by crushing, hot melting, and extrusion molding. It minimizes the volume occupied by EPS foam products and the melted material can be used to make other plastic products.

Foam Compactor

After the plastic foam is compressed by the EPS foam compactor, the foam density increases and it is shaped, which is very convenient for transportation and storage. There are two types of compactors: vertical EPS foam compactors and horizontal EPS foam compactors.

Plastic Foam Granulator

The plastic foam granulator is one of the most important machines in the plastic foam pelletizing line. The granulator can melt and extrude EPE and EPS waste plastics into reusable plastic granules.

Cooling Tank

The cooling tank is used to cool and harden the extruded plastic long strips of the plastic foam extruder to facilitate the next step of cutting them into uniformly sized pellets.

Plastic pellet cutting machine

The plastic pellet cutting machine can cut plastic long strips into pellets, and the size of the pellets can be adjusted. The main board is set with a stainless steel plate to effectively prevent plastic pellet pollution.

Features of Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line

  • The plastic foam pelletizing line has a simple process, advanced technology, low power consumption, no pollution, and a high degree of automation.
  • High output and low electricity cost. High performance and low maintenance cost.
  • The high degree of automation and intelligence in the operation of the whole EPE EPS foam granulating line. Easy to operate, less space, and operators to use.
  • High density of pellets after plasticization and extrusion, no air holes, beautiful surface, high output, and stable extrusion.

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