Plastic Dryer Machine

Plastic dryer machine's main function is to efficiently remove water from plastic products, creating conditions for subsequent reprocessing and recycling. This article will introduce the working principle of plastic dryer, price and other information.
plastic dryer machine

Plastic dryer machine is a kind of high-efficiency processing equipment, which can effectively remove the water that affects the quality and stability of plastic products, and improve the finished rate and quality of plastic products.

Plastic dryer machine working process

Working principle of plastic drying machine

The working principle of the plastic dryer machine is based on the principle of centrifugal drying. Inside the machine, the plastic products are subjected to a high-speed rotating motion, and under the action of centrifugal force, the water is thrown out, thus achieving the effect of moisture removal.

This working principle is not only efficient and fast, but also removes the moisture from the plastic uniformly, ensuring the stability of product quality.

plastic drying machine
plastic drying machine

Functions of plastic dryer machine

  • Thoroughly drying plastic: The plastic drying machine dryer can quickly remove the water from the plastic by rotating and vibrating. Ensure that the dryness of raw materials meets the production requirements, avoiding the production of plastic products in the process of air bubbles, defects and other problems.
  • Improvement of production efficiency: The temperature of the plastics after the drying process is more stable, reducing energy consumption and thus improving production efficiency. The process is more stable, reducing the scrap rate and lowering the production cost.
  • Improve the quality of products: The plastic dryer machine can effectively remove the impurities and water in the plastic. It makes product quality more stable, appearance more beautiful, performance more superior, and enhances the competitiveness of the product market.
  • Extend the storage life: After the dumping treatment of plastic products, storage stability is stronger. It is not easy to deteriorate, mold, or extend the service life of the product.
plastic dryer machine
plastic dryer machine

Shuliy two types of plastic dryer machine

Among the many brands of plastic chips dryer machine, Shuliy has been recognized for its superior quality and reliable performance. Shuliy offers two main types of plastic drying machines to meet the needs of different types of plastics. If you want to buy plastic dryer machine to improve production efficiency, welcome to leave a message on the website or contact us directly, our professional sales manager will actively introduce the machine details to you.

Horizontal dewatering machine

Horizontal dewatering machine is mainly used to process hard plastics such as plastic containers in PET bottle washing plant. Compact and easy to operate, they efficiently remove water from the surface of plastic containers, ensuring clean, dry plastic containers for the next process.

Vertical type dewatering machine

Vertical type dewatering machine is mainly used to process lighter plastic films, for example, in plastic granulation plant. Through the optimized drying strategy and structural design, the vertical type dewatering machine is able to ensure the drying effect while minimizing the mechanical damage to the plastic products, improving the quality and yield of the products.

Plastic dryer technical parameters

Model SL-550 is one of the hottest-selling models of Shuliy plastic dryer machine. It has an outer diameter of 550 mm and a length of 1000 mm. The filtration aperture is 4 millimeters, which effectively filters the plastic particles. The capacity is up to 1000 kilograms per hour.

plastic dryer
plastic dryer

Successful trading cases of plastic dryers

Plastic drying machine sent to Nigeria

A customer in Nigeria has purchased a complete set of plastic recycling machines for processing plastic bottles, including a plastic dryer, which was followed by an air separator. The plastic bottle recycling plant will help him to recycle and dispose of plastic bottles more efficiently and thus make a profit from it.

Plastic film dryer machine shipped to Indonesia

An Indonesian plastic recycling plant operates three plastic washing lines. In order to upgrade their existing plastic recycling equipment, increase productivity and reduce costs, they purchased plastic dryers, pipe dryers and other plastic recycling equipment from Shuliy.

Shuliy plastic dryer machine for sale

How to buy the most suitable plastic recycling machine dryer for your factory? First of all, you need to choose the right model according to your production scale and demand. Secondly, considering the production efficiency and energy consumption, choosing Shuliy plastic dryer machine can be a wise choice.

In addition, to meet the needs of different customers, Shuliy offers a wide range of models and customization options to ensure that every production line can find the most suitable drying solution. When you choose a Shuliy plastic dryer machine, you get an efficient and reliable drying tool for your plastic production. If you are interested in plastic dryer or have any questions, you can contact us at any time, there will be a professional staff to answer you carefully.

Inquiry for plastic dryer machine!

Want an efficient plastic dryer to increase the efficiency of plastic recycling? If you are interested in this plastic recycling equipment and would like to know more details, I suggest you contact us directly for a customized solution. We are a professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturer and can provide detailed information about the plastic bottle recycling machine and other plastic recycling equipment, as well as offer you professional advice and support.