Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt conveyor is an efficient and reliable tool widely used in the plastics recycling industry.
Inclined Belt Conveyor

In plastic recycling, an inclined belt conveyor, as an efficient and flexible conveying tool, is widely used in various aspects of plastic pelletizing lines and plastic bottle washing lines. It realizes the smooth flow of plastic materials and thus improves the efficiency of the whole production line.

Conveyor Belt Function

The inclined belt conveyor is a conveyor belt device with an inclined angle and is particularly suitable for scenarios where materials need to be transported from one height to another. Conveyor belts play a key role in the production of plastic pelletizing lines and PET bottle washing lines, ensuring the smooth transport of plastic film and bottles between the different process stages.

They transport the plastic raw material to the pelletizing equipment or the bottles from the washing stage to the next step in the process, effectively connecting the various stages of production and ensuring a coherent and efficient production process.

Applications of Inclined Transport Machine

Advantages of Inclined Belt Conveyor

  • Efficient conveying: Inclined belt conveyors are made of high-quality conveyor belt material, which ensures the stable conveying of plastic materials and improves the operational efficiency of the production line.
  • Strong adaptability: Since conveyor belts can be customized according to different customers’ needs, they can be easily adapted to different sizes, shapes, and weights of plastic materials to meet the requirements of different production lines. Therefore, it can be easily adapted to different sizes, shapes, and weights of plastic materials to meet the requirements of different production lines.
  • Labor saving: The conveyor belt is highly automated, which can reduce the investment of labor. Reduce the error caused by human operation and improve the working efficiency.
  • Reduce loss: The conveyor belt is reasonably designed to avoid the loss and breakage of plastic materials in the process of conveying and ensure the integrity of materials.
  • Space utilization: The inclined angle of the design makes the inclined belt conveyor useful in limited spaces. It is especially suitable for scenarios where longitudinal conveying is required, maximizing the space saved in the production line.

Parameters of Inclined Transport Machine

Power3 kW
SizeLength 5m

Iron Removal Device of Inclined Transport Machine

During the plastics manufacturing process, the presence of impurities and ferromagnetic substances may adversely affect product quality. Therefore, it is particularly important to equip the inclined belt conveyor with an iron removal device.

This device effectively detects and removes ferrous contaminants from the conveyor belt, ensuring that the plastic material being conveyed is not contaminated and that product quality is maintained.

Shuliy Incline Belt Conveyor For Sale

As a leading brand in the conveyor belt industry, Shuliy inclined belt conveyors are recognized in the market for their excellent performance and customized services. Shuliy conveyor belts are customized to ensure a perfect match between the equipment and the customer’s production line.
Whether you are the operator of a plastic pelletizing line or a plastic bottle washing line, Shuliy inclined belt conveyor can be customized to meet your actual needs and provide the best solution for your production line. Its efficient and reliable performance makes your production process smoother and productivity effectively improved.