Plastic Granule Cutter for Waste Recycling

Plastic granule cutters are used to cut long plastic strips into plastic granules of uniform size. In this article, we will introduce the working principle, price and other common problems of plastic cutter machine.
plastic granule cutter

Plastic granule cutter also called plastic cutter machine, is an auxiliary machine, mainly used in plastic film recycling plant, using high-quality tool steel material cutting blades and an intensive motor, with capacities ranging from 150-280 kg/h. Its structure design is reasonable and the color is beautiful. Shuliy, as a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer, is committed to providing high-quality plastic recycling machines, you can always contact Shuliy staff for customized solutions.

Plastic cutter machine has an important role in the plastic recycling plant

Introduction of plastic granule cutter

Plastic granule cutter is a type of pellet cutter machine, mainly used for processing waste plastics (industrial packaging film, agricultural land film, greenhouse film, beer bags, handbags, etc.), woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, tubs, barrels, etc. It is suitable for most common waste plastics and is the most widely used, widely applied, and popular plastic recycling and processing machine in the waste plastics recycling industry.

plastic pellet cutting machine
plastic pellet cutting machine

Owing to our comprehensive industry expertise, we are able to manufacture and supply the best quality plastic granule cutter. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designs these machines using the finest quality materials and high-tech machinery. In addition, the plastic granule cutter offered by us is manufactured as per the established quality guidelines to ensure that it complies with international quality. If there are any customization needs also feel free to contact us, there will be a professional sales manager for you.

Application of plastic pellet cutting machine

This plastic pellet cutting machine can be used in plastic pelletizing plant. It can slit PP, PE, PVC and other plastic film wire with fast and stable speed. With the special control system, the machine can control the size of pellets and output speed. It is an ideal machine for pelletizing.

Working principle of plastic strip cutting machine

By adjusting the gap of the cutting knife, adjusting the frequency converter, and adjusting the speed of cutting pellets, the film plastic is cut into good-quality pellets.

Rubber roller of the plastic pellet cutter
Rubber roller of the plastic pellet cutter

Plastic dana cutter machine parameters

Below are the basic specifications of our best-selling plastic cutting machines. Our plastic granule cutters can be customized to meet your specific needs, leave a message on our official website or contact us directly with your material type and specific requirements and Shuliy will be happy to support you in choosing the model that best suits your production needs.

ModelPower(kw)Width of knives(mm)Type of knives
Plastic pellet cutting machine technical data

Features of plastic dana cutter machine

  • Plastic drawing feed cutting pellets, cutting strip positioning.
  • Alloy steel blades, uniform particle cutting, long service life, high sex ratio.
  • The main board set stainless steel plate, effectively prevents plastic particle pollution.
  • Economical and practical, easy to operate, stable performance.
  • Plastic cutter machine can be customized according to customer’s needs, including personalized requirements in various aspects such as color and appearance. Shuliy also offers a wide range of models and specifications of plastic dana cutter to meet different production needs.

Plastic granule cutter use details

  1. After opening the switch, it should be warmed up for a period of time, and then open the lube oil pump and other switches.
  2. If the host is running normally, you can start to add materials, the operator filler, be sure to watch, the material can not be mixed with debris, while mastering the temperature.
  3. If the material does not become a strip, the phenomenon of a sticky die head is the die head temperature is too high, so a little cooling can be normal, in general, there is no need to stop.
  4. During the operation of the waste plastic cutter machine, it is forbidden to use metal objects to clean the material at the opening of the barrel.

Plastic cutter machines sent to many countries

Plastic granule cutter exported to Togo

A customer from Togo recently purchased a plastic pellet cutting machine and other plastic recycling equipment manufactured by Shuliy and visited the factory in person for a site visit. The customer showed great interest in the performance and operational effectiveness of these plastic recycling machines and was given a detailed understanding of the machine’s operating procedures and production process in the factory.

Plastic pelletizing machine shipped to Botswana

A customer from Botswana wanted to build a local plastic recycling plant, so he purchased plastic recycling equipment from Shuliy, such as plastic dana cutter, plastic pelletizer, etc. Shuliy’s staff patiently answered the customer’s various questions and provided a comprehensive solution for the customer.

Plastic cutter machine price

Shuliy, as a professional plastic recycling machinery manufacturer, is committed to providing efficient and reliable Plastic granule cutters. Prices vary by model, configuration and capacity to meet the needs of different customers. By contacting the Shuliy team, you can obtain detailed product information and a personalized quotation package to ensure that the plastic dana cutter you choose is perfectly suited to your production needs.

FAQ about plastic pellet cutting machine

Why do the particles stick together unevenly?

The water cooling temperature is too high.

Why are the recycled granules cut out with tails?

1. The gap between the cutting knives is too large.
2. There is a gap between the static knife and the moving knife of the plastic dana cutter.
3. The temperature of the die head is too high in the process of cutting pellets.
4. The teeth of the moving knife are not properly shaped.

Why is the material out of the particle flat?

1. The gap of feeding material is too small.
2. The pressure of the feeding rotor is too high.

What are the factors affecting the price of plastic granule cutter?

1. The voltage and frequency in your country.
2. The raw material you want to process.
3. Daily output.
4. The cleanliness of the raw material, whether it needs to be cleaned or not (better provide pictures of the raw material).

Do you provide technical support?

We provide lifetime technical support, and helping every customer to solve problems is our original intention. For any questions or requirements about plastic pellet cutter or other plastic recycling machines, feel free to contact us and we will give you the most suitable customized solution.