PET Bottle Crushing Machine

Plastic crushing machine crushes mineral water, fruit juice and other PET bottles into PET flakes. Through this article you can know the specification, price, workflow and so on of the plastic crusher.
PET Bottle Crushing Machine

PET bottle crushing machine is one of the most important machines in PET bottle recycling line, mainly used for crushing plastic bottles into PET flakes, and its production capacity ranges from 500-3000kg/h. Shuliy is well known among PET bottle scrap crusher manufacturers for its high-performance machines. These PET bottle crushers have a strong crushing capacity and are preferred for their low cost, durability, and environmental friendliness.

PET bottle crusher: transfer waste bottles into PET flakes.

Introduction of PET bottle crushing machine

PET bottle crushing machine plays a very important role in the plastic bottle recycling line. Usually, uncrushed plastic bottles cannot be recycled directly. Due to the large size of plastic bottles, it is difficult to enter the plastic extruder for processing. However, it is easy to process waste plastic with plastic bottle crusher machine. Plastic bottles are crushed into flakes by the plastic crusher, and this plastic can be easily reprocessed for utilization.

Raw materials & finished products of plastic bottle shredder

Plastic bottle shredder is used to crush PET bottles, such as carbonated drinks, mineral water, juice, and other beverage packaging. The plastic flakes are evenly sized after being processed by the plastic bottle crusher machine, which is convenient for reuse.

Raw Materials & Finished Products
Raw materials & finished products

Features of plastic bottle crusher

  • This water bottle crusher machine is widely used, it can crush PET bottles and PVC, also can crush PP PE plastic. Shuliy PET bottle crushing machine has many models to choose from, if you are interested you can contact us directly, there will be a professional staff to patiently answer all kinds of questions for you.
  • The tool of plastic bottle crusher machine is made of imported high-quality material, a special alloy steel material blade after hardening treatment, fast cutting speed, durable blade, and can be ground for repeated use.
  • PET bottle crushing machines are easy to operate, save labor, and have higher output under low power consumption. It effectively reduces the production cost of customers.
  • The rotary knife of plastic waste crushing machine is designed with a scissor-cutting action and an effective cutting angle to ensure effective grinding. Side feed attachments for pipe and material loading are available as options.
  • The structure and color appearance of Shuliy plastic bottle crusher may vary due to version updates and model differences. We provide customized service for plastic crushers, welcome to contact us for a customized solution that suits your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

PET bottle crushing machine design and working principle

The working principle of plastic crushing machines is easy to understand. At the core of the bottle shredder is a rotor blade with blades arranged in a double angle or V-shape, which is driven by a motor and rotates at high speed in the crushing cavity equipped with fixed knives.

As the PET bottles enter the crushing chamber of PET bottle crushing machine, the moving knife and the fixed to come in contact to form a scissor-cutting motion. As the rotor continues to rotate, the PET bottles are cut into smaller and smaller pieces until they can fall out of the screen at the bottom. Of course, if you encounter any problems during the operation, feel free to contact us. Shuliy will provide you with professional technical support to solve your doubts.

plastic shredder machine for sale
plastic shredder machine for sale

Plastic bottle shredder working process video

How to crush plastic bottles for recycling?

Parameters of plastic bottle shredder

Shuliy PET bottle crushing machines are available in a wide range of models to meet different processing needs. These plastic bottle shredder machines have highly efficient processing capacity and are suitable for crushing and reusing a wide range of PET bottles such as various mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and many more.

Capacity (kg/h)500100015003000
Motor (kw)22377590
Height (m)
Thickness of the knife (mm)30404040
Plate thickness (mm)16203030
Plastic crusher technical data

In addition to the models listed above, Shuliy also provides more plastic crushers with different specifications and power to meet the needs of different industries and customers. If you have any questions or need further information about other models, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with service and consultation.

plastics crushing machines
plastics crushing machines

Correct use of water bottle crusher

  1. First of all, the water bottle crusher should be placed smoothly to prevent the machine from falling on its side during operation. It is best to place it in a flat and ventilated room, which can effectively ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor and effectively prolong its service life.
  2. Before starting, turn the belt pulley by hand to make sure the knife frame is flexible and reliable in operation and whether there is any collision in the crushing chamber. After starting, make it idle for 1-2 minutes, no abnormal phenomenon before feeding.
  3. When crushing, feed the material at a uniform speed, not too much at a time to prevent blocking the crushing chamber.
  4. Keep the feeding speed of the crusher evenly to prevent overload or no load. Prohibit metal and other hard objects from entering the machine to cause unnecessary damage.
  5. Before starting the plastic crusher for the second time, clean up the residual crushed material inside the cutting chamber, which can reduce the resistance of the motor starting and prolong the service life of the plastic water bottle shredder.

Maintenance of PET bottle crusher machine

  • The PET bottle crushing machine should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor works heat dissipation, to extend its life.
  • Regularly check the tool screws, and the brand new plastic bottle shredder after 1 hour of use, with tools to tighten the dynamic knife, fixed knife screws, to strengthen the blade and the fixity between the knife frame.
  • The bearings should be filled with lubricant regularly to ensure the lubrication between the bearings.
  • In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge of the tool, the tool should always be checked to ensure its sharpness and reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the dullness of the blade.
  • Regularly check whether the belt is loose, timely tightening.
  • The PET bottle crusher should be kept well-grounded.

Successful case of PET bottle crushing machine

PET bottle crushing machines can crush most of the waste plastics and reuse some waste plastics and it plays an important role in PET plastic bottle recycling line. Therefore plastic waste crusher is very popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central America. Shuliy plastic crusher has been successfully sent to many other countries. If you are interested in PET bottle crushing machine, feel free to contact us, we will have the most professional staff to answer your questions in detail. We will provide customized water bottle crusher machines according to customers’ needs.

Feedback from Tanzanian clients

Not long ago, a customer from Tanzania specially purchased a plastic bottle crusher from Shuliy in order to dispose of the waste plastic bottles. This advanced machine has been successfully delivered to the customer’s factory in Tanzania and put into production. The customer is very satisfied with the working efficiency of the machine and has sent positive feedback.

plastic waste crusher machine to Tanzania
plastic waste crusher machine to Tanzania