Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Plastic pellet making machine is designed for processing all kinds of PP PE film, bags, woven bags, packaging film, agricultural film, shopping bags, waste plastic drums, etc. The output is up to 420kg per hour.
Plastic granulator

Plastic pellet making machine, also known as PP PE plastic extruder, are mainly used for processing industrial and agricultural waste plastics such as PP, HDPE, LDPE film and woven bag materials. Its production capacity ranges from 180-420KG/H.

How to make plastic pellets?

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plastic extruder machine
plastic extruder machine

Introduction of plastic pellet making machine

As the most widely used and popular plastic recycling machinery in the waste plastic recycling industry, the plastic pellet making machine can create significant economic benefits and optimize the allocation of resources.

The role of plastic pelletizing machine is to crush and clean the waste polypropylene, polyethylene block, sheet, film, braid, silk, etc., in the machine after heating, pressure, pulling into strips, cutting into granules by the plastic pellet cutting machine for other plastic machinery processing use.

Plastic pelletizing machine granulation process

  1. The plastic raw materials are first put into the inlet of the plastic granulator and fed into the inside of the main body by the feeding wheel.
  2.  Inside the plastic pellet making machine body, the plastic raw material is melted at high temperatures while stirring and rotating to form a uniform melt.
  3.  When the melt reaches a certain fluidity, it flows out from the outlet of the main body.
  4.  The cooling water then cools the melt and forms a solid mass in the cooling water.
Plastic granulator: transfer waste plastics into recycled pellets.

Raw materials & finished products of PP PE plastic extruder

Plastic pellet making machine is designed for recycling and granulating waste plastic films and bags, such as PP PE films, bags, woven bags, packaging films, agricultural films, shopping bags, waste plastic barrels, etc.

raw materials
raw materials

The recycled granules produced by plastic pellet making machines can be reused to make new plastic products with low cost and high profit.

recycled granules
recycled granules

Plastic granulator machine design structure

This plastic recycling granulator mainly comprises feeding port, screw press, press chamber, heating device, discharge port, mold head, reducer, and other parts. This plastic recycling granulator is the main plastic recycling production line machine, which can handle many plastic materials.

According to the different materials being pelletized, the diameter of the screw in the plastic film pelletizing machine, the distance between the screw and the barrel wall and the length of the screw are also different. Therefore, one plastic recycling granulator cannot process many kinds of materials at the same time.

Different mold heads of plastic extruder machine

There are three kinds of die heads for plastic extruder machine. They are electric gear die head, automatic slag filter and hydraulic die head. Customers can choose the right plastic pelletizer diehead according to their needs.

Different heating methods of plastic pellet making machine

The total amount and type of energy distribution varies significantly geographically, and plastics melting require high temperatures, so plastic pellet making machine have a very high energy demand. Therefore, the cost of energy consumption in the plastic pelletizing industry has become the second largest cost after raw materials in the cost of plastic pelletizing.

There are three main types of plastic pellet making machine heating methods on the market:

  • Electromagnetic heating is the most effective heating method.
  • Ceramic heating is the heating method of choice for customers in countries such as Saudi Arabia.
  • Iron heating device, which is easy to use, safe, and long life.

Working principle of plastic film recycling machine

Do you know what is the working principle of plastic film recycling machine? The working principle of a plastic pelletizing machine is to process waste plastic by melting, plasticization, and extrusion to convert them into pellets. Plastic materials are fed into the plastic pellet making machine through the feeding port, melted by heating, and then extruded forward by the screw. The extruded plastic is cut into the desired length of pellets by a blade, cooled, and solidified through a cooling device before being discharged through the outlet as plastic pellets.

Parameters of plastic pelletizer

The following models are hot-selling models, plastic pelletizer models are named by the diameter of the screw. We have more models for you to choose from, if you have any questions about the choice of models, you are welcome to consult us.

Screw diameter125mm135mm150mm180mm210mm220mm
Spindle speed50-70/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min
Main motor power30kw37kw37kw55kw75kw90kw
Reducer hard gear225250250280315330
Plastic extruder technical data
Shuliy plastic pelletizer machine for sale
Shuliy plastic pelletizer machine for sale

Features of plastic pellet making machine

  • Plastic pelletizing machine is equipped with stainless steel thermostat system, a good heat preservation effect. High wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
  • Uniform material thickness, good color and luster, high quality recycled granules, can be used to color various products.
  • Plastic film pelletizing machine with a high level of automation technology, low labor cost, high production efficiency, and high profit, greatly reduce production costs.

Successful cases of plastic pellet making machine

Waste plastic extruder shipped to Ghana

A customer from Ghana purchased Shuliy plastic granulator machine. The plastic scrap granulator is easy to operate and produces high-quality pellets, and Shuliy has a good service attitude, the customer is very satisfied.

Pelletizing machine sent to Nigeria

Customers from Nigeria purchased a Shuliy plastic pellet making machine and plastic bottle washing machine to recycle local waste plastics, Shuliy responded quickly to the customer’s needs and sent a technical team to Nigeria to ensure a smooth installation and commissioning of plastic pelletizing recycling machine.

Related plastic recycling machines

As one of the most important equipment in plastic film recycling plant and PP PE flake recycling plant, the whole line includes belt conveyor, plastic crusher, plastic washing tank, plastic extruder, cooling tank, and plastic pellet making machine. According to different material characteristics, we support customized plastic recycling pelletizing line solutions. All you need to do is to inform us about the raw materials you want to process, and Shuliy will have the most professional staff to customize a plastic recycling solution for you.

Plastic pelletizer machine price

Plastic pellet making machine prices vary by model, size and production capacity. If you have specific needs or want to know more about plastic granulator price and detailed information, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with the most accurate and competitive quotation and professional advice. Welcome to contact us at any time so that you can get a satisfactory plastic recycling solution.