One Set of Waste Plastic Extruder Shipped to Ghana

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Shuliy Machinery is a specialized waste plastic extruder manufacturer that prides itself on delivering high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Recently, a Ghanaian customer has reached a cooperation agreement with Shuliy Machinery for waste plastic extruder. If you are interested in this case, please read on.

waste plastic extruder sent to Ghana
waste plastic extruder sent to Ghana

Ghana plastic pelletizer parameters

Item SpecificationQTY(pcs)
Host pellet making machine The model of plastic pellet cutting machine is SL-180. Its power is  3KW, with inverter and hob knives.   1            
Second pellet making machineThe model of the second pellet making machine is SL-140, with 11 kW and 1.3 m screw. With the heating ring, the reducer is a 400-hardened gear reducer. The grinding head is 350 round electric mill (2.2kw). The screw material is 40Cr (high hardness, high wear resistance)The barrel material is 45# steel.1
Plastic pellet cutting machine Model of plastic pellet cutting machine is SL-180. Its power is  3KW, with inverter and hob knives.1
 Electric control cabinet Brand-name electric appliance1
  Ceramic heater spare set 1

How did the Ghanaian customer find us?

This customer found Shuliy Machinery through an internet search and was impressed with the professionalism of Shuliy Machinery after browsing our website, especially the global success stories available on the site.

Why customers choose to cooperate with Shuliy Machinery?

  • Trustworthy products: The waste plastic extruder is equipped with an advanced automatic control system, which makes the whole production process easy and convenient to operate. This leads to lower labor costs. The waste plastic granulator can achieve low investment and high yield.
  • Professional website: The Ghanaian customer is very satisfied with Shuliy Machinery’s website. Through the professional website, the customer can not only know our waste plastic extruder and services but also know Shuliy Machinery’s past successful cases. In this way, the Ghanaian customer has more confidence in the investment of granulator.
  • Timely communication: In the customer feedback, this Ghanaian customer mentioned that despite the time difference, Shuliy Machinery’s project consultants always responded in time, which made the customer trust Shuliy Machinery more.

Waste plastic extruder delivery picture

After the customer in Ghana confirms the purchase of a pelletizing machine for plastic recycling, our sales staff take photos of the machine for the customer. Then pack and transport the machine to make sure it reaches the customer as soon as possible. In addition, the color of the machine can be customized according to your needs.

Ghana extrusion pelletizing machine feedback video

Shuliy Machinery’s excellence and professionalism, and the high efficiency of the waste plastic extruder have won the customer’s trust and positive feedback.

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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