Frictional Washing Machine for PET Recycling

Frictional washing machine cleans PET flakes by separating impurities with a high-speed rotating screw. In this article, we will introduce its workflow, price and so on.
Frictional Washing Machine

Frictional washing machine or plastic bottle washing machine is a water flow high-speed washer for highly contaminated or stubbornly soiled mixed plastics, such as PET flakes. Ideally, the frictional washing machine is used as a rinsing step in the plastics recycling process after the thermal washer. Shuliy plastic friction washer with good cleaning effect and high degree of automation is one of the indispensable plastic bottle recycling machines.
Plastic friction washer plays an important role in PET recycling plant

Introduction of frictional washing machine

The frictional washing machine is an excellent cold washer system for the thorough cleaning of PET flakes. By friction, the effect of cleaning plastic flakes is achieved. In the case of PET bottle recycling plant, the plastic friction washer uses cold water to further scrub the dirt that is loosened directly after the hot washing process.

Frictional washing machine
Frictional washing machine

Working process of frictional washing machine

The main components of the frictional washing machine are the large rotor with multiple rows of paddles, the dewatering screen, and the water injection and cleaning manifold. The frictional washing machine is stacked on an inclined frame.

The rapidly rotating shaft and paddles convey the material upwards and against the screen, just as a washing machine works. Dirt and grease are then discharged from the system and sprayed away by the water nozzles. Dirty water and contaminants are then discharged from the bottom of the machine. The cleaned material remains at the top of the plastic friction washer.

plastic friction washer
plastic friction washer

Application of plastic bottle washing machine

Cleans highly contaminated material or large plastic flakes or films from primary shredders or crushers. It excels at cleaning agricultural films, rigid plastics, and PET, PP PE plastic flakes.

If your plastic flakes are not heavily contaminated, wet wash the flakes immediately to obtain a clean regrind. After the vertical dryer and extraction unit, the regrind is easily collected, saving you labor costs. If you want to save money and increase productivity at the same time, you can contact Shuliy for a customized plastic recycling solution.

Structure of frictional washing machine

The body of the plastic friction washer consists of the mainframe, motor, stand, water inlet, inlet, and outlet. The plastic friction washing machine is mounted on an inclined frame to maximize friction and bring out impurities and contaminants.

The plastic scrubbing cleaner is equipped with a water injection nozzle to spray fresh water or circulating water directly on the screen cage to assist the cage cleaning and prevent clogging. The material enters through the inlet and the high-speed rotating screw causes total friction between the material and the flowing water to thoroughly clean the material.

inside structure of plastic friction washer
inside structure of plastic friction washer

Advantages of plastic friction washer

  • Intensive pre-cleaning of plastic debris, high cleaning efficiency, and Shuliy offers plastic bottle washing machines in different models and powers to meet customers’ cleaning needs.
  • Rigorous cleaning of plastic materials, thorough dissolution and separation of impurities
  • Powerful rinsing by additional washing liquid
  • Automatic cleaning by water injection
  • Continuous recycling operation due to maintenance-free quality. And the appearance of Shuliy plastic friction washers can be customized.
plastic bottle washing machine
plastic bottle washing machine

Why frictional washing machine is important?

Friction machines are commonly used in a variety of applications in industrial processes and recycling operations. Without it, the final product may contain a high level of contaminants. As a result, the final product has a low final value because it contains sand and grease.

Therefore, an efficient plastic friction washing machine is essential if you want to improve the productivity of your plastics recycling plant and the quality of the final product. You can contact us anytime to get the details of plastic washing machine.

plastic bottle washing machine
plastic bottle washing machine

Parameters of frictional washing machine

Out Layer4mm4mm
Blade thickness6mm6mm
Plastic friction washer technical data

Plastic friction washer is available in a variety of models, and after discussions with our customers, we can provide effective, customized advice and turnkey solutions by listening to and understanding their needs. Customers are warmly welcomed and encouraged to visit our factory to inspect some of the machines in operation. If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

plastic friction washer and hot washing tank
plastic friction washer and hot washing tank

Recommended plastic bottle recycling equipment

If you are planning to build or upgrade a PET bottle recycling plant, Shuliy plastic friction washers are definitely worth your consideration. Their superior performance, durability and environmental friendly features make them one of the top choices in the recycling industry. We highly recommend that you include a plastic bottle washer in your planning, which is an indispensable piece of equipment for a plastic bottle recycling plant.

This plastic bottle washing machine will greatly improve the efficiency of your plastic bottle recycling plant while reducing operating costs. Considering the introduction of such a machine will not only optimize the production process, but will also lead to a more sustainable development of your plant.

plastic bottle recycling plant
plastic bottle recycling plant

Inquiry for plastic friction washer!

Plastic bottle washing machine prices vary by model, size, and features. Shuliy, a professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturer, offers a wide range of high-quality plastic scrubbing cleaners, with prices varying depending on their performance features and customization options. You are welcome to contact Shuliy staff for detailed inquiries about plastic friction washer prices and other information, and we will be happy to provide you with personalized and customized plastic recycling solutions.