Bangladeshi Customers Visit Plastic Film Recycling Equipment

clients in plastic recycling plant

In order to gain a deeper understanding of plastic recycling technology, Bangladeshi customers were invited to visit Shuliy, a leading company dedicated to the development and manufacture of plastic recycling machinery and equipment.

Plastic recycling plant tour

Shuliy’s staff took the Bangladeshi customers on a tour of the plastic pelletizing plant, starting with a visit to plastic film recycling equipment. Here, customers had a close-up view of the manufacturing process of the plastic waste recycling equipment that Shuliy is so proud of. From the input of raw materials to the output of finished products, every step of the process is carefully designed and efficiently managed.

plastic film recycling equipment
plastic film recycling equipment

Demonstration of plastic film recycling equipment operation

Inside the plastic pelletizing machine factory, the staff enthusiastically guided the customers to visit the advanced plastic film recycling equipment such as plastic crusher, plastic granulator, plastic rinsing tank, etc., which successfully aroused the customers’ strong interest.

In addition, the staff also vividly demonstrated the efficient operation of the entire plastic pelletizing line, and the Shuliy plastic recycling machine demonstrated its excellent ability to quickly and efficiently convert waste plastics into renewable pellets, which made the customer highly impressed by its operation results.

Prospects for future co-operation

After the visit, Shuliy staff had in-depth communication with the Bangladeshi customers. The two parties put forward a positive outlook on future cooperation and discussed the possibility of in-depth cooperation in the field of plastics recycling. The Bangladeshi customers expressed that they were impressed by Shuliy’s technical strength and product performance, and looked forward to promoting the development of plastic recycling in Bangladesh by purchasing Shuliy’s plastic film recycling equipment.

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