Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine

Plastic film pelletizing machine is designed to convert waste PP PE and other plastics into recycled plastic pellets. This article will help you understand the working principle, specification parameters, price and other important information about plastic granulator.
Plastic film pelletizing machine

Plastic film pelletizing machine provides a sustainable source of raw material for the manufacturing industry by converting waste plastic film into high-quality plastic pellets through a series of sophisticated processing steps. Shuliy plastic granulators are high-efficiency and energy-saving, with outputs ranging from 180-420 KG/H.

A video to help you understand how a plastic pelletizer works.

Plastic film pelletizing machine recycling raw materials

Plastic film pelletizing machine is widely used in the processing of all kinds of plastic film wastes such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and so on. These wastes can include plastic packaging films, plastic bags, agricultural films, etc. Through the processing of the plastic granulator, they can be converted into high-quality recycled plastic pellets for production and reuse.

Plastic pelletizing recycling machine working principle

The working principle of plastic film pelletizer is based on melt extrusion technology. The key steps include raw material pre-treatment, plasticizing and melting, extrusion pelletizing, and pellet cooling.

First, the plastic film waste is fed into the plastic film recycling machine’s inlet, where it is uniformly fed into the extrusion screw via an automatic feeder. The screw melts the plastic at high temperatures and pressures and extrudes it out of the die to form pellets. The pellets are then rapidly cooled by a cooling system and finally cut into uniform granular form.

How does the plastic pelletizing machine process waste plastic into recycled pellets?

Structure of plastic granulator machine

Plastic pelletizing machine usually consists of feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, and control system. The feeding system of plastic film pelletizing machine includes an automatic feeder for a continuous and efficient supply of raw materials; the extruding system melts and extrudes the plastic by means of an extruding screw and heating; the cutting system is responsible for cutting the extruded plastic granules into the required sizes; and the control system ensures the stable operation of the whole pelletizing process.

Plastic pellet making machine structure
Plastic pellet making machine structure

Plastic recycling granulator technical parameters

Shuliy has a wide range of plastic film recycling machines to help customers improve their plastic recycling efficiency, where the models are named by the size of the screw diameter. Below are some of our hot selling plastic film pelletizing machines, if you need other models of plastic pelletizing machines, please feel free to contact us.


Screw diameter: 125mm
Spindle speed: 50-70/min
Main motor power: 30kw
Reducer hard gear: 225
Weight: 1.8T
Size: 2.6*0.7*0.7m
Output: 180KG/H


Screw diameter: 180mm
Spindle speed: 40-50/min
Main motor power: 55kw
Reducer hard gear: 280
Weight: 2.2T
Size: 3.2*0.7*0.8m
Output: 350KG/H


Screw diameter: 220mm
Spindle speed: 40-50/min
Main motor power: 90kw
Reducer hard gear: 330
Weight: 3.2T
Size: 3.8*1.2*1m
Output: 420KG/H

Recommend equipment for plastic film recycling machine

Automatic feeding machine

In the process of plastic film granulation, the application of automatic feeding machine can greatly improve production efficiency. Its intelligent control system can realize accurate material supply, reduce manual intervention and ensure continuous and stable production, thus reducing production cost and increasing production capacity.

Heating methods of plastic granulator machine

There are three main heating methods for plastic film recycling machine in the market: electromagnetic heating, ceramic heating, iron heating device.

Electromagnetic heating is the most effective heating method.

electromagnetic heating
ceramic heating device

Ceramic heating, which is the preferred heating method for customers in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Iron heating device, which is easy to use, safe and has a long service life.

iron heating device

Successful cases of plastic pelletizer for sale in various countries

Plastic film pelletizing machine sent to Sri Lanka

A customer from Sri Lanka purchased the Shuliy plastic film pelletizing machine and gave it a high evaluation.

Plastic pelletizing recycling machine sent to Botswana

A customer in Botswana customized a plastic recycling machine from Shuliy in order to make a profit through plastic recycling. The plastic film recycling machine is already in operation and working very well.

Recommended plastic film recycling line

In order to better realize the recycling and reuse of plastic film, it is recommended to match the plastic film recycling line. This plastic pelletizing plant includes plastic crushers, plastic film pelletizing machines, plastic pellet cutting machines and other plastic recycling equipment for recycled plastic pellets, forming a complete production process that realizes the efficient conversion from waste plastic film to recycled plastic pellets.

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