EPS Foam Cold Pressing Machine

EPS foam cold pressing machine is important in EPS foam granulating line, mainly used to compress the foam into blocks for easy transportation.
EPS foam cold pressing machine

EPS foam cold pressing machine is an essential piece of equipment in the EPS foam granulating plant and is divided into horizontal EPS foam compactor and vertical EPS foam compactor. EPS foam compactor crushes large pieces of EPS foam and compacts the crushed EPS into blocks with an output of 150-250KG/H, which is convenient for storing and transporting the EPS block waste.

Introduction of EPS foam cold pressing machine

EPS foam is widely used in various industries because of its thermal insulation, shock resistance, and drop resistance, and is often referred to as polystyrene/ polystyrene. This material is usually found in our lives in furniture packaging, fish boxes, building materials, EPS trimmings, and more.

EPS foam cold pressing machine in plant
EPS foam cold pressing machine in plant

EPS foam cold pressing machine specialize in compressing various EPS materials and can reduce the volume of EPS foam by up to 40:1. EPS foam cold pressing machine can easily compact plastic foam, effectively avoiding environmental pollution and facilitating the transport of styrofoam materials.

EPS/EPE foam is compressed by the foam cold press, resulting in a denser, square foam, which reduces the volume of the foam and makes it easier to transport and store.

Raw materials & compacted results

The biggest problem with polystyrene foam is its lightweight and large size. eps foam is dispersed and difficult to transport.

The compacted foam increases density and decreases volume, which is convenient for stacking, storage and transportation.

Advantages of EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier

  • EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier efficiently compresses plastic foam from large to small sizes with a compression ratio of up to 1:40. The compressed blocks facilitate foam recycling, stacking, storage, and transportation. Save space, reduce transportation costs, and increase economic benefits.
  • EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier has excellent performance, compact size, low noise, easy and convenient operation, and maintenance.
  • High efficiency and good performance of the compression process. All parts are concentrated in one machine, saving cost, low energy consumption, and small footprint, making the machine portable.
  • The EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier adopts automatic control, is easy to operate, and has stable working performance. It is one of the indispensable equipment for plastic foam recycling plants. To increase the efficiency of your plastic foam recycling, contact Shuliy for a high-performance plastic foam compactor.
EPS foam cold pressing machine
EPS foam cold pressing machine

Principle of EPS foam compactor

The EPS foam compactor is a machine for extruding dense foam blocks based on the principle of spiral rotation to generate pressure. The foam compactor processes the raw material by cold pressing and compression.

EPS foam cold pressing machine
EPS foam cold pressing machine

Recycling steps of EPS foam compactor

  1. Put the EPS foam to be processed into the hopper for crushing.
  2. Crushing large pieces of EPS foam into smaller pieces.
  3. Compaction of the crushed EPS foam by extrusion technology.

Video of EPS foam compactor

EPS foam compactor working process

2 types of plastic foam compactor

Vertical EPS foam compactor

  • Vertical plastic foam compactors are usually placed vertically to save space and are suitable for production environments with limited space. Ease of operation allows the operator to place the foam material directly on top and remove the finished product below.
  • Although vertical EPS foam compactors have a smaller table area, their vertical design makes them more adaptable in terms of height to specific production needs, such as those that require production in a smaller work area.

Horizontal EPS foam compactor

  • Horizontal foam compactor machines are usually horizontal, i.e. the table is placed horizontally. In operation, the foam material is placed on the table and a pressure plate above is pressed down to compress the foam material into the desired shape.
  • Horizontal EPS foam compactors are relatively stable in structure and simple to operate, and are suitable for plastic foam pelletizing plants that require high volume production, as they usually have a large table area and can handle multiple blocks of foam material at the same time.

Whether horizontal or vertical foam compactors, they can adjust the density and shape of the foam material by controlling the pressure and compression time. By choosing the type of EPS foam cold pressing machine that suits your needs, you can effectively improve the utilization rate and transportation efficiency of your foam materials. If you have questions about choosing vertical or horizontal, you can contact us for help and professional advice.

Parameters of EPS foam cold pressing machine

Machine typeMachine size (mm)Inlet size (mm)Machine power (KW)Capacity (KG/H)
Horizontal EPS foam compactor parameters
Machine typeMachine size (mm)Inlet size (mm)Machine power (KW)Capacity (KG/H)
Vertical EPS foam compactor parameters

In addition to the above sizes and models of foam compactor machines, we also offer cold presses with other outputs to meet our customers’ needs for foam recycling. Please feel free to contact us for assistance with your needs or any questions, we look forward to serving you.

Delivery case of EPS foam cold pressing machine

A customer from Malaysia, after communicating with our sales manager, decided that our company’s machines could meet his needs and therefore purchased EPS foam cold pressing machine and other plastic recycling equipment.

Our factory actively prepared the goods, completed the production task on time, assisted the third-party inspector to complete the inspection, and provided the best loading solution for the customer. Our EPS foam cold pressing machine and services have won the recognition of our customers.