Horizontal Dryer for Bottle Recycling

Horizontal dryer is mainly used to remove the water on the surface of PET bottle flakes, and the dehydration rate is as high as 98%.This article will introduce its characteristics, working principle and so on.

The horizontal dryer is a highly efficient equipment specially designed for drying PET bottle flakes, utilizing the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to remove 98% of the water on the surface of the bottle flakes. Due to its robust structure and low energy consumption, the plastic dryer machine has become an indispensable key equipment in the PET bottle recycling plant.

Plastic drying machine working process


Horizontal dryer removes water from the surface of PET bottle flakes by high-speed rotation and centrifugal force. When the plastic crushed material enters the drying equipment, the inner cylinder starts to rotate at high speed, generating a strong centrifugal force. Moisture is thrown out by this centrifugal force and flies along the wall of the cylinder, while the plastic granules stick to the inside of the cylinder due to the centrifugal force. After a period of spinning, the vast majority of the surface moisture is effectively removed, thus bringing the plastic pieces to a low humidity level for subsequent processing or use.


This plastic chips dryer machine is widely used for hard PP PE pieces, PET bottle flakes, etc.


Model SL-550 is Shuliy’s hot-selling horizontal dryer, which has an outer diameter of 550 mm, a length of 1000 mm, a filter hole diameter of 4 mm, and a processing capacity of 1000 kg/hr. This plastic dehumidifying dryer is specially designed for drying plastic bottle chips to ensure that they reach the required level of dryness for subsequent processing or reuse.


Shuliy also offers a wide range of other models and sizes of plastic dryers that can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Whether it’s for different sizes of production or specific plastic materials, we can provide the appropriate solution to meet the 塑料回收 needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with customized services.


  • The horizontal dewatering machine is made of imported stainless steel, which is not only resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, but also has the characteristics of ruggedness and durability, and at the same time occupies an area of small, reasonably designed, beautiful and generous appearance, and the color can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • 生产工艺先进,主轴动、静平衡,设计合理,噪音低,易于清洗,并可轻松打开机体,清除干燥机内筛网的杂质。
  • Good dewatering effect, the horizontal dryer can remove 98% of the water on the surface of bottle flakes. Low power consumption, a high degree of automation, effectively help customers save on the cost of plastic recycling.
  • 除了脱水之外,它还可以去除塑料中的沙子等微细杂物。


整体 PET bottle washing plant includes label removing machine, PET bottle crushing machine, plastic scrap washing machine, plastic bottle cap sorting machine, horizontal dryer, etc. The plastic bottle recycling plant is mainly used for processing plastic packaging bottles by removing labels, crushing, high-temperature cleaning, dewatering, and drying.

We have rich experience in customizing cleaning and recycling solutions and equipment configurations according to customers’ raw materials and needs to effectively improve the quality and market competitiveness of recycled materials. If you would like to start your own plastic recycling business or improve the efficiency of your existing equipment, please contact us now!

plastic drying machine in PET bottle recycling plant
plastic drying machine in PET bottle recycling plant