500KG/H PET瓶回收机

Shuliy 500kg/h PET bottle recycling machine mainly includes machines such as de-labeling machine, plastic crusher, rinsing tank, hot washing tank and dewatering machine, which efficiently converts waste bottles into recycled PET flakes. This article will introduce its features, price and other information.
500KG/H PET瓶回收机

Shuliy 500kg/h plastic bottle recycling plant is a highly efficient PET bottle recycling machine system, which consists of a de-labeling machine, a plastic crusher, a plastic rinsing and separating machine, a hot washing tank, and a plastic drying machine, which is designed to convert waste PET bottles into renewable resources. Our plastic bottle recycling plants can provide customized services based on our clients’ specific plastic recycling needs and circumstances. Feel free to contact us for personalized solutions.


PET Bottle Recycling Machine Introduction

PET Bottle Label Remover

De-labeling is the first process of PET plastic bottle recycling plants. The primary function of a 塑料标签去除机 is to remove PVC labels from plastic bottles for subsequent processing. This step can effectively increase the recycling rate and ensure waste minimization.

PET Bottle Crusher Machine

PET瓶破碎机 is one of the critical pieces of equipment in the PET bottle washing plant. It crushes PET plastic bottles into small particles ready for subsequent processing steps.

Sink Float Plastic Separation

The role of the 沉浮塑料分离 in the PET bottle recycling plant is very important. It effectively separates the PET flakes from the impurities and ensures the quality of the final product. This step helps to improve the economic efficiency of recycling and makes the recycled PET flakes more competitive in the market.

PET Flakes Hot Washing Machine

The main function of the PET flakes hot washing machine is to remove the dirt, grease, glue, and other impurities on the surface of PET bottle flakes through the joint action of high-temperature water and cleaning agents. The hot washing process can effectively improve the purity of bottle flakes and ensure the production of higher-quality recycled PET pellets.

Plastic Drying Machine

Finally, the 塑料干燥机 is used to remove water from the PET flakes. This step is very important for subsequent processing and manufacturing as high moisture levels may affect the quality of the final PET flakes.

500KG/H Plastic Bottle Washing Line Parameters

PET瓶标签去除剂Power: 15+1.5kw
Outer wall thickness: 8mm
Label removing rate:
Round bottles: 98%
Compressed bottles: 90%
PET瓶破碎机Power: 22+1.5kw
Number of blades: 10pcs
(6 rotating blades, 4 fixing blades)
Blades material: 9CrSi
Blade Thickness:30mm
Box board thickness:16mm
Capacity: 500kg/h
Sink float plastic separation长度:5m
Height: 1m
PET flakes hot washing machineHeight: 2m
Power: 4kw
Electromagnetic heating power: 60kw
Bottom thickness: 8mm
Water temperature: 90-100°
Friction washer machine长度:3m
塑料干燥机Length: 2.5m
Width: 0.75m
Remove moisture, spin dryness is about 98%

Features of Shuliy Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

  • High efficiency: Shuliy PET bottle recycling machines are capable of processing 500 kg of PET plastic bottles per hour, ensuring a high throughput.
  • Automation: The plastic bottle recycling machines are equipped with automated controls, reducing the need for manual intervention, lowering the cost of plastic recycling inputs, and increasing productivity.
  • 可定制性: Shuliy 提供可定制的塑料瓶回收生产线,以满足不同尺寸和生产要求。您可以随时联系我们,专业人士将与您详细讨论定制的塑料瓶回收解决方案。
  • 可靠性: Shuliy 作为拥有多年经验的 PET 瓶清洗线制造商,提供可靠耐用的机器,降低维护成本。

Customizable PET Bottle Recycling Machine

The PET bottle recycling machine we offer is highly customizable and can be personalized according to customers’ specific needs. Whether it is in terms of processing capacity, equipment configuration, appearance design, and production line layout, we can flexibly adjust the machine to suit production needs and plant layouts of different sizes.

Through this customized service, we are committed to providing each customer with the best solution to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and the maximum utilization of resources.

3D Video of PET Bottle Recycling Line


Shuliy Helps Install Plastic Bottle Recycling Plants In Several Countries

Plastic Bottle Washing Machine Shipped To Nigeria

A Nigerian customer looking for an efficient solution to the problem of plastic bottle recycling chose Shuliy’s PET bottle recycling machine. With the advanced technology and reliable equipment provided by Shuliy, the customer successfully solved the challenge of PET bottle recycling. The efficiency and reliability of PET bottle recycling plants have enabled the client to process large quantities of plastic bottles in a faster and more efficient manner.

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Exported To Mozambique

The Mozambique customer purchased an efficient PET bottle recycling machine through Shuliy. The customer is satisfied with the performance and quality of the machine and says that it will help them increase their plastic recycling efficiency and reduce production costs. This successful transaction demonstrates Shuliy’s excellence in delivering high-quality equipment that provides customers with reliable solutions to recycling problems.

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作为知名 塑料瓶回收机 manufacturer, Shuliy is committed to providing high-quality and efficient PET bottle recycling machines. Our PET bottle recycling plant adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, which can effectively improve the quality of PET bottle flakes. For the price and other important information about the Shuliy plastic bottle recycling plant, you can contact us directly for inquiry, and we will provide you with detailed quotation and equipment information.