Plastic Float Sink Tank

Plastic float sink tanks separate bottle flakes from other plastics primarily by the difference in density of the plastics in the water. This article will introduce its working principle, price and so on.
plastic float sink tank

The plastic float sink tank, also known as PET bottle washing machine, can quickly separate materials, especially two plastics with similar density, such as PET, PP, PE, PVC, etc. The debris at the bottom of the sink float plastic separation is easy to clean, thus saving labor costs. Therefore, it is an essential piece of equipment in PET bottle recycling plant.

Working principle of plastic float sink tank

Using water as the medium, according to the different densities in water, the plastic float sink tank can easily achieve the separation of PET flakes and other materials and also can clean the PET flakes.

PET flakes which are denser than water will sink to the bottom. Other materials such as plastic wrapping paper and bottle cap flakes, which are mainly made of PP and PE, will float because they are less dense than water.

PET bottle washing machine
PET bottle washing machine
plastic friction washer and plastic float sink tank
plastic friction washer and plastic float sink tank

Features of washing tank

  1. Applicable to PET, PP/PE, PS/ABS, and other types of plastics, high selectivity is achieved through the basic principle of gravity separation.
  2. Automatic adjustment of liquid level by a pressure gauge, the effective depth and length of the tank can guarantee the effect of separation.
  3. Cost-effective due to low operating costs (low maintenance and wear) and low energy consumption.
  4. The appearance and specifications of the sink float plastic separation can be customized according to the customer’s PET bottle recycling needs, if you have any questions you can also feel free to contact us, there will be a professional sales staff for you to answer.

We have many tailor-made example applications to share with you. For more information about washing tank, please contact our sales department directly.

Plastic bottle cap sorting machine parameters

Shuliy model SL-500 plastic chips washing machine is designed for cleaning bottle caps made of PP, PE, PET and other materials. It is equipped with a 3kw motor power and the size can be customized to fit different specifications and capacities of production lines. In addition to the SL-500 model, Shuliy offers a wide range of other models and sizes of plastic bottle cap sorting machines that can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Feel free to contact us for more customization options.

sink float plastic separation
sink float plastic separation

Display of plastic chips washing machine

Recommended PET bottle recycling machine

The sink float tanks plastic scraps separation works in concert with the plastic label removing machine, PET bottle crusher, horizontal dryer and other equipment to build a complete plastic bottle recycling plant that effectively processes waste plastic bottles into renewable PET bottle flakes. Its efficient cleaning and separating ability significantly improves the efficiency and capacity of the recycling plant. Therefore, the plastic float sink tank has become an indispensable equipment in the PET bottle recycling plant, providing reliable technical support and guarantee for the recycling of plastic bottles.

PET bottle recycle plant
PET bottle recycle plant
washing tank in plastic recycling plant
washing tank in plastic recycling plant

FAQ about PP PE separating tank

What is the quality of your products?

Shuliy rigorously tests each plastic float sink tank before delivery to ensure stable and reliable performance, so you can rest assured that you can trust our products.

Guarantee about PP PE separating tank

If the quality is not as we described or promised before you placed your order, we promise a 100% refund.

How about the price of PP PE separating tank?

We have our plastic recycling factory and can give you the lowest price. In addition, our policy is “to save time and to be honest in business, we quote the lowest possible price and can give discounts according to the quantity. If you have any needs or concerns, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you.