Tumbler Screen For PET Bottle Recycling

Tumbler screen is mainly used to separate mixed PET bottles from other impurities, ensuring that the quality of the raw material is purer.
Tumbler Screen

In PET bottle washing lines, the tumbler screen plays an irreplaceable role as an efficient separation equipment. Its main function is to separate PET bottles from impurities (e.g. sand, stone, metal, etc.) through the rotating drum structure, to improve the recycling efficiency and the purity of the final product.

Tumbler Screen
Tumbler Screen

Function of Tumbler Screen

Trommel for PET bottles is one of the core equipment in the PET bottle washing line, its main function is to separate the waste PET bottles from various impurities such as stones, metal, glass, etc. in PET plastic bottles, which not only affects the quality of recycled materials but also may jeopardize the normal operation of the equipment.

Tumbler sieve, through its unique separation mechanism, provides clean raw materials for subsequent washing and reuse.

Tumbler sieve
Tumbler sieve

Working Principle of Trommel for PET Bottles

With its large cylindrical design and slight incline, the tumbler screen works simply and efficiently. When the raw material enters the screening area, the screen machine begins to rotate, causing the raw material to roll continuously.

During this process, due to the special shape and movement of the tumbler screen, PET bottles and smaller impurities are separated by gravity by creating different trajectories.

PET bottles are strongly guided towards the outlet due to their special rolling path in rolling, while the impurities roll down along the drum to a lower position, finally realizing effective separation.

Advantages of Trommel For PET Bottle

  • Efficient separation: The tumbler screen can efficiently separate PET bottles from impurities in a short period, which improves the processing efficiency of the recycling line.
  • Adaptability: The Trommel for PET bottles is highly adaptable to different sizes of PET bottles and different types of impurities.
  • Reduced labor costs: The tumbler screen reduces labor costs and improves work safety by reducing manual intervention compared to manual separation.
  • Ease of maintenance: The tumbler sieve is designed for ease of maintenance, easy cleaning and repair, and reduced equipment downtime.
  • High-quality recycling: PET bottles separated by the tumbler screen are of higher quality. This facilitates subsequent reprocessing and increases the value of the recycled material.

Tumbling Screen Price

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