PP PE Flake Recycling Line

PP PE flake recycling line is used to process hard plastics such as waste plastic drums. Plastic recycling equipment working steps, price and other important information will be presented here.
PP PE Flake Recycling Line

PP PE flake recycling line is the process of converting PP PE waste plastic into granular plastic. The plastic pelletizing process consists of cutting the plastic scrap into pieces and heating it until it melts. The melted plastic is then granulated through a die. The end product can be of high quality and can be used alone or mixed with other materials for reprocessing, thus reducing raw material costs.

How does PP PE flake recycling line work?

What is PP PE flake recycling line?

PP PE flake recycling line is designed for PP PE plastic barrel, drum,pipe, and other hard floating plastics. Plastic recycling granulator machine mainly includes plastic crushing and washing machine, rinsing tank, vertical type dewatering machine, plastic granulator, cooling tank, and pellet cutting device

Our company is one of the most professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturers. We have a complete development, production and sales integration of waste plastic recycling process equipment and plastic pelletizing line. We have many years of experience in waste resources recycling and are deeply engaged in the environmental protection recycling machinery industry. We have dealings with many countries and regions.

Raw materials&finished products of plastic waste recycling equipment

Plastic pelletizing machine factory is designed for recycling hard plastics, such as plastic drums, plastic boxes, etc. Through the plastic recycling granulating line, the waste plastic will be extruded into small pellets.

The recycled plastic pellets are mainly graded according to the different raw materials used and the characteristics of the processed plastic pellets, which are generally divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary materials.

  • The first-grade material is processed with better quality plastic raw materials, and the granules processed with these raw materials have better transparency and their quality is comparable to new materials, so it is called first-grade material.
  • Second-grade material is the raw material that has been used once and is of good quality, so it is also of good quality and the granules processed are of good transparency, so it is second-grade material.
  • The third-grade material is the raw material that has been used more than twice, and the processed granules are not so good in terms of elasticity and toughness.

Process flow of plastic pelletizing line

Plastic sorting → crushing → cleaning → rinsing → drying → pelletizing → drawing → cutting → packaging

The plastic waste recycling equipment typically involves several steps, including chopping and grinding the plastic material, melting it and extruding it through a die to form pellets. The pellets are then cooled and cut to the desired size.

Plastic recycling equipment
Plastic recycling equipment

The following is a general overview of the steps involved in a plastic pelletizing line for recycling plastic scrap:

  1. Pre-treatment: The plastic must be cleaned and prepared prior to pelletizing. This may involve separating contaminants from the plastic, drying the material and grinding it into small flakes or pellets.
  2. Melting: The plastic flakes are fed into a hopper and then conveyed to a heating chamber where they are melted by the plastic extruder.
  3. Extrusion: The melted plastic is then forced through a small opening called a die to form thin strands of plastic. These strands are cooled and cut into small, uniformly sized pellets.
  4. Cooling and drying: The pellets are cooled and dried to remove any residual moisture or contaminants.
  5. Packaging: The pellets are then packaged in bags or containers for shipping or storage.

In summary, the plastic pelletizing process involves melting, extruding and cooling to create small, uniformly sized pellets that can be used as raw materials for a variety of products. The entire plastic granules manufacturing process can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements, feel free to contact Shuliy’s staff for details.

PP PE Flake Recycling Line
PP PE flake recycling line

3D video of plastic recycling granulator machine

Plastic granules manufacturing process.

Related equipment for plastic granulating line

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

It is used to feed PP PE material into the plastic crusher, which is a necessary plastic recycling equipment for the plastic granulating line.

Plastic crusher

In the plastic granulation line, plastic shredder is used to crush waste PP PE plastic products into small pieces with low noise and no residue during the crushing process. In addition, it uses imported alloy blades with long life, strong cutting ability and low maintenance cost. This kind of plastic crusher has been well received by customers.

plastic crusher
plastic rinsing tank

Rinsing tank

In the PP PE flake recycling line, the rinsing tank is made of stainless steel or iron plate, which is used to rinse the crushed materials to make the impurities settle and can effectively remove the stains on the plastic.

Horizontal dewatering machine

The horizontal dewatering machine has the unique ability to remove most of the water from PP PE directly after the cleaning process. With a high dewatering rate and low power consumption, this plastic drying machine is ideal for plastic granulating line.

Horizontal dryer
Plastic pelletizing machine

Plastic pelletizing machine

The plastic granulator is the core equipment in the plastic recycling granulator machine, which adopts the most advanced granulation technology.

It can easily melt the dry material due to the special induction heating. The heat can stay in the plastic pelletizing machine, reducing the initial preheating time, always ensuring energy savings and effectively reducing costs for customers.

Plastic granule cutter

Plastic granule cutter can cut granules from plastic drawing feed, suitable for granulating and cutting granules after pulling strips. Uniform, easy, the main board set stainless steel plate, effective prevention of plastic pellet pollution.

Plastic granule cutter
storage bin

Storage bin

It is suitable for the storage of plastic pellets, convenient for packaging, and labor-saving. The size is optional and customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Technical characteristics of plastic recycling plant

  • The whole plastic recycling plant is controlled automatically, with a compact process, high production efficiency and strong granulation capacity.
  • The plastic recycling equipment can easily separate the impurities such as mud and sand in the plastic flakes; the treatment system equipped can greatly improve the quality of the finished products.
  • PP PE flake recycling line is easy to maintain, has low energy consumption and long service life.

Successful plastic pelletizing line transaction case

PP HDPE exported to Côte d’Ivoire

A customer from Côte d’Ivoire, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of their PP PE flake recycling line to enhance the quality of their recycled pellets, featured a customized plastic recycling plant from Shuliy, who sent a team of professionals to Côte d’Ivoire to work with the customer, to understand their needs in detail and to recommend the right solution.

150-200KG/H HDPE plastic pelletizing machine to Togo

A customer from Togo traveled to Shuliy to see the PP PE flake recycling line in action for processing HDPE plastics. The customer was very satisfied with the performance of the machine and purchased the customized plastic recycling granulator machine.

Factors affecting pellet throughput of PP PE flake recycling line

There are several factors that can affect the pellet throughput of PP PE flake recycling line.

  • The type of plastic being recycled
  • Size of the workpiece fed to the plastic recycle equipment
  • The speed of the machine’s operation
  • The type of blade used

Advanced plastic granulating line manufacturer

With more than 15 years of experience in plastic recycling, Shuliy Machinery has proven insight into PP PE flake recycling line. Our plastic granulators and other products have been exported to many countries and regions and have won a good reputation from our customers.

We support customized plastic recycling pelletizing machine according to the characteristics of the material. If you also want to start a plastic recycling business or upgrade your existing plastic recycling process equipment, feel free to contact Shuliy staff for customized solutions.

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