Rigid Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Rigid plastic pellet making machine is designed for processing rigid plastics such as HDPE, PP, PE, etc. The production capacity ranges from up to 2000kg/h, which can be customized according to customer's requirements.
Rigid plastic pellet making machine

Rigid plastic pellet making machine is an important innovation in today’s plastic recycling field, with its high efficiency and environmental protection, it has become a key tool for processing HDPE bottles, toys, pipes and drums. The capacity ranges from 300 to 2000kg per hour. It is necessary equipment for plastic pelletizing lines.

Plastic recycling granulator working process

Rigid plastic pellet making machine recycling raw materials

Rigid plastics shredder recycle machine is mainly used to process various types of waste rigid plastics, such as ABS, PS, PP, PE, PVC, HDPE and so on. These rigid plastics are usually used for manufacturing appliance shells, electronic product shells, plastic pipes, furniture, etc. Through the rigid plastic pellet making machine, these waste plastics can be efficiently utilized and converted into valuable pellet raw materials.

recycled plastic granules
recycled plastic granules

Structure of HDPE pelletizing machine

Working principle of rigid plastic pellet maker

The working principle of the rigid plastic pellet making machine is based on melt extrusion technology, where waste plastic is converted into moldable pellets by melting it at high temperatures.

Firstly, the plastic waste is fed into the inlet of the plastic pelletizing extruder, where it is pre-treated and fed into the rotating screw. Under high temperatures and pressure, the screw gradually melts the plastic waste and, through specific mold apertures, extrudes and cuts the molten plastic into pellets. These pellets are cooled and cured to become high-quality recycled plastic pellets that can be used to produce new plastic products.

Rigid plastic pellet making machine in action

Advantages of industrial plastic granulator

  • High-quality recycled pellets: After professional crushing, melting, and extruding treatment, the hard plastic pellets produced have consistent size, quality, stable chemical and mechanical properties, which can be widely used in different fields.
  • Customized processing: The rigid plastic pellet making machine can be adjusted according to different types of plastics and needs to achieve customized pellet processing, providing more flexible production solutions.
plastic pelletizing machine for sale
plastic pelletizing machine for sale
  • High output and stability: Adopting an advanced mechanical structure and control system of plastic pelletizing extruders ensures high output and a stable production process, improving economic efficiency.
  • Automated operation: Intelligent operation interface and automated control system of plastic granulator machines simplify the operation process, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.

Successful cases of plastic pelletizing recycling machine

Plastic granulator machine for sale shipped to Nigeria

The Shuliy rigid plastic pellet making machine has been successfully shipped to Nigeria. The customer is very satisfied with the product and service performance of Shuliy Machinery in this transaction and gives high praise to it.

plastic pelletizer machine for sale shipped to Nigeria
plastic pelletizer machine for sale shipped to Nigeria

150-200KG/H HDPE plastic pelletizing recycling machine sent to Togo

A customer from Togo purchased a plastic pelletizer from Shuliy to process waste HDPE. The customer visited Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing machine factory to see the pelletizing machine in action and was very satisfied. The rigid plastic pellet making machine is now in operation and has greatly improved the recycling efficiency of the customer’s plastic pelletizer plant.

Recommended PP PE flake recycling line

In order to maximize the advantages of rigid plastic pellet making machine, we recommend a professional PP PE flake recycling line to achieve the best results in plastic recycling. Such a production line usually includes pre-processing equipment, plastic crusher, washing equipment and HDPE pelletizing machine. It can realize the integrated processing from waste plastic to recycled pellets, improve the production efficiency and quality of recycled plastic.

Best plastic extruder machine price

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Plastic granulator machine manufacturer

As an experienced and trusted plastic granulator machine manufacturer, Shuliy Machinery has been in the industry for over 15 years. We maintain close communication with our customers, continuously improve and refine our expertise, and are committed to providing quality machinery and services. Our products, including plastic granulators and plastic washing machines, have been successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and have been highly appraised by our customers. For different material characteristics, we provide customized plastic recycling granulator solutions to meet customers’ individual needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about plastic granulators.