Shuliy Customizes Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Line for Botswana Client

plastic recycling pelletizing line to Botswana

Good News! An efficient plastic recycling pelletizing line was successfully shipped to Botswana, effectively helping the customer dispose of local waste plastics. Read on for more information about this transaction.

Customer background: First time in the plastic recycling business

First time in the plastics recycling business

In Botswana, a first time customer in the recycled plastics business was looking for the right solution to succeed in the plastics recycling and re-pelletizing sector. The client actively sought professional advice by asking questions and found Shuliy as their partner.

plastic recycling pelletizing line
plastic recycling pelletizing line

Professional and patient answers

Shuliy’s staff answered the client’s various questions with professionalism and patience, providing them with comprehensive solutions. This attention to detail won the client’s trust and convinced them that choosing Shuliy plastic recycling pelletizing line was the right decision.

Customized plastic recycling pelletizing line

The client’s trust in Shuliy has finally translated into a significant partnership. The client decided to customize a complete plastic recycling pelletizing line from Shuliy to achieve full production from waste plastic to recycled pellets. This recycling pelletizing line includes several key components such as plastic crusher, conveyor belt, plastic rinsing tank, dewatering machine, plastic pelletizer, plastic pellet cutter, cooling tank, silo, etc. The PE PP plastic film recycling line is designed to produce pellets from waste plastics. These plastic recycling granulator machines will work together to process waste plastics into high-quality recycled pellets.

PE PP plastic film recycling line delivered to customer’s plant

The customized plastic recycling pelletizing line has been successfully shipped to the customer’s plant. Shuliy has been working on the principle of efficiency and reliability to ensure that the manufacturing and delivery of the equipment is done on time. We look forward to receiving feedback from our customers and are confident that our equipment will help them succeed in the plastics recycling sector.

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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