1 Ton/h Plastic Recycling Plant Installed in Saudi Arabia

Shuliy plastic pelletizing line manufacturer and customer

Good news! A large-scale plastic recycling plant with a capacity of 1 ton per hour manufactured by Shuliy Machinery has been successfully installed in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi client installed a plastic recycling plant to process waste plastics. We hope that this plastic recycling plant will meet the customer’s expectations. Read on to learn more about this project.

Saudi Arabian customer’s needs for plastic recycling plant

The customer in Saudi Arabia, who has high granulation requirements and high production capacity, purchased a main granulator and two auxiliary machines with electromagnetic heating.

In addition, the line purchased by this customer includes a plastic film shredder, frictional washing machine, plastic drying machine, Plastic granule cutter, automatical feeder, storage bin, and equipment such as conveyor belt, washing tank, and cooling tank.

In the process of communication, the Saudi customer encountered some problems. The customer wanted to know the cost of the plastic pelletizing line. In addition, the customer wanted to know how to arrange workers when installing the machine.

According to the customer’s request, we provided a list of machines and calculated the approximate cost for this customer. In addition, we listed the type and number of workers needed for the installation.

Why Saudi Customers Choose to Work with Shuliy

Cost-effective machines for plastic granulating line

The customer wanted a cost-effective machine to test the effect of pelletizing waste plastics. This is exactly what our plastic granulating line can do. Our machines are easy to install and maintain, reducing the customer’s budget considerably. The entire plastic recycling granulating line was easy to operate, with a high level of automation technology, and the customer was very satisfied with the test results.

Clear division of labor

The Saudi client found Shuliy Machinery’s division of labor to be very clear and was reassured by our service. During the project, our sales, finance, and technical departments worked together to solve the customer’s problems. The high-quality service made this customer choose us.

Pictures of Saudi Arabia plastic recycling plant

After the machines were delivered to the installation site specified by the Saudi customer, Shuliy provided the customer with a professional technician, Paul, to travel to Saudi Arabia to help them install those plastic recycling machines.

Plastic washing pelletizing line loading video

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