Plastic Pelletizing Production Line Exported to Nigeria

plastic pelletizing production line to Nigeria

In the field of plastics recycling and pelletizing, a factory in Nigeria chose Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing production line to produce high-quality recycled pellets from rigid PP and PE. This decision not only promotes environmental sustainability but also brings significant economic benefits to the customer.

Customer needs and Shuliy’s response

Our client, a plastic recycling plant in Nigeria, was in dire need of upgrading the efficiency and capacity of their production line. Their particular focus was on the recycling and reuse of rigid PP and PE materials to produce high-quality recycled pellets. During an in-depth conversation with our project manager Apple, the customer expressed the need for a plastic pelletizing production line that could achieve a high capacity of 500 kg per hour.

The customer had many questions about the technology and performance of the Shuliy plastic pelletizing production line, however, our project manager, Apple, with her expertise and patience successfully answered all of the customer’s concerns. He explained in depth the process of processing hard PP and PE materials, detailed the parameters and advantages of the plastic pelletizing production line, and gave the customer full confidence in our products.

waste plastic granulation line
waste plastic granulation line

Remote demonstration of plastic pelletizing production line operation

Since it is not convenient for customers to visit the factory in person, Apple adopted various ways to demonstrate the machine remotely. She actively shared high-resolution images and videos of the plastic pelletizing production line in action, allowing customers to experience the stability and efficiency of the waste plastic granulation line virtually. In addition, through the video call, customers were able to witness the actual operation of the plastic recycling granulating line and deepen their understanding of the product.

Successful commissioning of plastic pelletizing line

After careful installation and commissioning, Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing production line has been successfully put into operation in a customer’s factory in Nigeria. The high capacity and stability of plastic recycling granulator machine enabled the customer to upgrade the PP PE film plastic pelletizing line, and the quality of the recycled pellets has been significantly improved. The customer highly evaluated the performance and output quality of the machine and was satisfied with the whole cooperation process.

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