PE PP Plastic Film Recycling Line Exported to Oman Successfully

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Shuliy, as a professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturer, has been committed to providing high-quality recycling equipment and solutions. Our products cover a wide range of plastic materials recycling to meet the different needs of our customers. Recently, an Omani customer purchased another PE PP plastic film recycling line from Shuliy to upgrade the existing equipment.

plastic film washing line to Oman
plastic film washing line to Oman

Customer needs

This customer in Oman is facing a problem of large amounts of plastic waste, especially PE and PP plastic film. In order to process these wastes effectively, they needed an efficient recycling line for PE and PP plastic films. They chose Shuliy PE PP plastic film recycling line again as they had previously purchased Shuliy’s PVC recycling pelletizing line with satisfactory results.

Reasons to choose Shuliy plastic recycling equipment

  • Excellent quality: Shuliy has long been known for its exceptional quality, and our PE PP plastic film recycling line is no exception. We utilize high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the stability and durability of our equipment, providing reliable performance for our customers.
  • Individualized solutions: Shuliy is committed to providing customers with individualized solutions to meet different needs. We can customize the PE PP plastic film recycling line according to customers’ specific requirements to ensure the best production efficiency and recycling quality.
  • Excellent after-sales service: We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including equipment installation, commissioning and training, to ensure that customers can fully utilize the performance of the PE PP plastic film recycling line. In addition, we also provide regular maintenance and repair services to extend the service life of the equipment.

PE PP plastic film recycling line sent to Oman

The PE PP plastic film recycling line ordered by the customer has been successfully shipped. We look forward to their feedback to ensure a smooth installation and operation of the machine. We will continue to provide support throughout the process to ensure that the customer can realize the full potential of this plastic film washing recycling line for sustainable plastic waste recycling and reuse.

plastic film recycling line shipment
plastic film recycling line shipment

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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