Nigerian Customers at Shuliy PET Bottle Flake Recycling Line Plant

clients at PET bottle recycling washing line plant

Recently, a group of customers from Nigeria visited Shuliy PET bottle flake recycling line plant for a remarkable tour. The purpose of the visit was to gain a deeper understanding of Shuliy’s advanced technology, efficient processes and how the PET bottle recycling production line operates, and Shuliy’s staff warmly received the customers and introduced the plant’s equipment in detail, demonstrating the exquisite technology of the PET bottle recycling line and paving the way for future cooperation between the two companies.

PET bottles recycling line
PET bottles recycling line

Entering the Shuliy PET bottle flake recycling line factory

Upon arrival at the Shuliy plant, the customers were warmly welcomed. They were kindly greeted by the staff and guided into the world of this state-of-the-art PET bottle flake recycling line.

Detailed introduction of PET bottle recycling production line process

Under the guidance of the staff, the customers were able to see the whole process of the PET bottle flake recycling line with their own eyes. The staff introduced in detail the machines and equipment in each step of the process, from the initial sorting to crushing, washing and drying, allowing customers to understand the precision and efficiency of the entire production process.

PET bottle flake recycling line
PET bottle flake recycling line

Field observation of machine operation

Afterward, the customers had the honor to observe the operation of the machine on the spot. They could see the automated PET bottle recycling production line in each step of the process converting waste PET bottle flakes into clean, high-quality recycled materials at high speed. The staff patiently answered all the questions raised by the customers so that they could better understand the operation principle of these advanced technologies.

Prospects for cooperation

During the visit, customers marveled at the technical strength and production capacity demonstrated by the Shuliy factory. Both sides had an in-depth discussion on future cooperation.

The customer expressed his interest in the plant’s equipment and hoped to introduce Shuliy’s PET bottle flake recycling line technology to help the development of plastic bottle recycling and reuse in Nigeria. And Shuliy PET bottle flake recycling line factory also expressed its willingness to provide all-round support and cooperation for the Nigerian customer, and jointly promote the development of the environmental protection industry.

plastic bottle recycling line
plastic bottle recycling line

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