SL-800 Plastic Waste Shredder Machine Exported to Somalia

plastic waste shredder machine

Good news! SL-800 plastic waste shredder machine was successfully sent to Somalia. By choosing Shuliy’s model 800 plastic shredder crusher machine, Somalia successfully solved the waste problem of its plastic recycling factory.

Technical parameters of plastic shredder

rigid plastic shredder machine
rigid plastic shredder machine
  • Type: SL-800
  • Power: With 35 horsepower diesel engine
  • Capacity(kg/h): 700-800
  • Blade(mm): Length 400*width 100*thickness 16

Visit to factory to inspect plastic waste shredder machine operation

In order to ensure that the plastic shredder crusher machine they chose would meet the needs of their factory, the Somali customer made a personal visit to the Shuliy factory. Inside the factory, the customer witnessed the Model 800 plastic crusher in action and was impressed with its performance and ease of operation. During this field demonstration, the crusher showed its excellent ability to handle a variety of rigid plastics with ease, leaving the customer deeply satisfied.

Plastic wrapper shredder put into operation

After a rigorous site visit, the customer introduced the Shuliy SL-800 plastic waste shredder machine to his plastic recycling plant. Once in operation, the plastic waste shredder machine immediately demonstrated its excellent results. The plastic wrapper shredder was able to efficiently and thoroughly pulverize the waste plastics, creating excellent conditions for subsequent plastic recycling and reuse. The consistency of the flakes and the controllable particle size made the subsequent recycling work smoother and effectively increased the productivity of the plant.

crushed plastic flakes
crushed plastic flakes

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