About Shuliy

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Shuliy Group Co.,Ltd. is an environmental machinery company, we integrate development, manufacturing, and selling, concentrating on producing the best environmental protection machinery for our global customers.

Shuliy Group is responsible for the promotion of resource regeneration solutions, plastic, tire recycling and granulating equipment manufacturing in the global market.

We are founded in 2011 and always insisted on providing customers with integrated waste recycling solutions, including waste plastic, tire and rubber recycling. So far, Shuliy has helped countless clients succeed and set up their own recycling businesses.

What We Do


At present, the main products developed and sold by Shuliy are waste plastic/tire granulating plants, PET bottle washing plant, and plastic pipe manufacturing projects. All the products are mainly used in waste plastic/tire recycling, plastic object production and other industries. The generated plastic pellets can be directly used in the plastic pipe production line. The plastic/ rubber granules can be used as high-value products for secondary sales. In this way, investors can get a high profit. At the same time, it can solve increasingly prominent environmental problems.

PET bottle washing line


With the development in the global market and customers’ demands, Shuliy has gradually transformed from a single equipment supplier to an integrated solution provider. In recent years, we have successfully designed 30+ plastic pelletizing solutions, customized 20+ recycling solutions for waste tire recycling, and provided the top 10 plastic pipe production solutions, etc.

In the design of integrated solutions, we can provide project feasibility analysis, equipment selection, logistics delivery, layout design, installation and operation, machine training and other services. Shuliy Group provides customers with one-stop solutions and ensures customer success.


  • Online service. You can contact us any time and our professional project will send you machine details in 24 hours.
  • Solution provided. We provide 3D layout drawings, customized services and technical preparation.
  • Spare parts supply. All the spare parts of recycling machinery can be purchased from Shuliy Group.
  • Installation and training. Shuliy Group provide installation, training and tracking services.
  • Sample testing. We can test samples from customer and anylyse the project feasibility and profit for our customers.