Plastic Granules Storage Bin


The plastic granules storage bin is an efficient storage equipment in the plastic recycling line. It can not only store the plastic pellets produced by the 塑料造粒线 还有由该公司生产的 PET 瓶片 PET清洗线,为塑料回收线的顺利运行提供了有力的支撑。

plastic granule storage silo
plastic granule storage silo

Plastic Pellet Storage Bin Production Plant

Plastic granule storage silo can be customized in size according to customer requirements

Features of Plastic Granule Storage Silo

  • High storage efficiency: Shuliy plastic granule storage silo utilizes advanced design and manufacturing processes to provide high-capacity storage. The ability to hold large quantities of plastic pellets or PET bottle flakes reduces the need for frequent replenishment and improves production efficiency.
  • Moisture and dustproof: The storage bin is equipped with a high-quality sealing system that effectively isolates the plastic pellet storage bin from outside humid air and dust. This ensures that the stored plastic material is always dry and clean, thus reducing the risk of the quality of the plastic being affected by the external environment.
  • 易于操作:塑料片状储料箱用户友好,并配有方便的开口和密封件,便于取样和填充。这种简便的操作降低了操作难度并提高了生产率。
  • Durable: The durability of the silo has been rigorously tested and adapted to the changing factors in the plastics recycling environment. This ensures that the silo will operate reliably for a long time, providing reliable production support.
  • 容量可调:舒利筒仓有多种尺寸和容量可供选择,可进行调节以适应不同的生产情况,满足不同规模生产的需要。

Shuliy Plastic Pellet Storage Bin for Sale

The model of Shuliy’s hottest-selling barn is 1-2 tons, power is 2.2 kW, dimensions are 1500*1500*2600 (mm), and weight is 120 kg.

To meet the needs of different customers, Shuliy plastic pellet storage silo not only has a wide selection of specifications and capacities but also can be customized and designed according to the specific requirements of customers. Our professional team will provide expert advice and solutions to ensure that the Shuliy barn is put to optimum use in every plastic recycling line.

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