Vertical Type Dewatering Machine

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vertical type dewatering machine

Vertical type dewatering machine, also known as plastic scrap dryer machine, is used in the plastic recycling industry to put cleaned plastic film or waste woven bags into the hopper to achieve the separation of water and plastic.

Introduction of vertical type dewatering machine

The first drying stage of our standard plastic film recycling line, the vertical type dewatering machine effectively removes most of the water from the PP PE film directly after the cleaning process. The vertical type dewatering machine is cleverly placed after the plastic film rinsing tank and uses centrifugal force to rotate the water outward while the PP PE film is contained within.

Working Principle of plastic scrap dryer machine

The plastic scrap dryer machine consists of high speed rotor, enclosed by a removable screen. The wet material enters through the bottom inlet and is discharged from the top. At the center of the plastic dryer is a long shaft with many paddles, which is rotated by an electric motor at nearly 900-1500 revolutions per minute.

The centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation stirs up the material in the screen and brings out excess water. The water is then discharged through a perforated screen and a drain at the bottom, where it is collected for recycling. The airflow carries the plastic film out of the plastic scrap dryer machine.

Lifting dewatering machine parameters


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Advantages of plastic dehydrator

  1. The whole selection of imported stainless steel materials, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant; small footprint, reasonable design, beautiful and generous appearance.
  2. The blade is made of thickened stainless steel. The screen adopts stainless steel, which is easy to change. Automatic operation is simple, button control, safe and reliable, long service life.
  3. The moisture carried by the material is thrown off by centrifugal force instead of evaporation, so the drying efficiency is higher. Less power consumption, fast efficiency, and high automation procedures, greatly reduce labor intensity.
  4. Vertical type dewatering machine can be used with a variety of equipment before and after. Such as rinsing tank, etc., at the discharge of the machine can also be used to collect bags or other equipment.

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Plastic film dryer machine usually used in plastic film recycling line, usually in combination with rinsing tank, for a good drying effect and a wide range of materials.