Plastic Recycling Factory Was Successfully Commissioned in Oman!

plastic film recycling equipment

Exciting news! With the support of Shuliy, the plastic recycling factory in Oman has been successfully put into official operation! As a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer, Shuliy not only provides Omani customers with high-quality plastic recycling machines but also provides comprehensive services to help customers’ plastic pelletizing line plants start up quickly.

Oman clients and Shuliy staff
Oman clients and Shuliy staff

Installation of plastic recycling factory

To ensure the efficient operation of plastic pelletizing plants, advanced plastic pelletizing machines are introduced and installed with great care. These plastic recycling processing equipment include plastic crushers, plastic pelletizers, plastic washers, plastic dryers, and more.

During the installation process, Shuliy sent a team of skilled technicians to Oman to help the customer install the plastic recycling processing equipment, and each plastic recycle equipment was commissioned and optimized to ensure that it would function properly under different conditions. The successful completion of this step laid a solid foundation for the operation of the entire plastic pelletizing plant.

Plastic pelletizing plant put into operation

Through efficient crushing, cleaning, pelletizing and other steps, Oman plastic pelletizing line plant converts waste plastics into high-quality recycled pellets.

Oman plastic pelletizing machine in action

Oman plastic pelletizing line plant

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