Why Does The Plastic Granulating Machine Vent Out of The Material?

waste plastic granules making machine

Plastic granulating machine is a widely used equipment in the plastic processing industry, which can transform waste plastic materials into granular recycled plastics by heating, melting, and extruding to achieve resource recycling. However, in the process of using plastic granulator equipment, some operational problems may lead to difficulties in discharging materials from the exhaust hole, which affects production efficiency. This article will explore the causes of this problem and the corresponding response.

plastic granulator equipment
plastic granulator equipment

Reasons for plastic granulating machine vent out of material

Raw material impurities cause problems

A common cause of plastic granulating machine vent discharge is that the raw material contains impurities. When the plastic raw materials are not fully processed, containing foreign matter or unclean particles, these impurities will lead to the failure of the vent in the extrusion process, affecting the normal granulation process.

various waste plastics
various waste plastics

Too fast feeding speed brings extrusion chaos

Another cause of waste plastic granules making machine vent discharge problems is too fast a feed rate. When the raw material is conveyed inside the machine at too fast a speed, the process of screw extrusion becomes unstable, which can easily lead to clogging of the vent holes or produce irregular extrusion molding, resulting in vent hole discharge.

Plasticising temperature affects vent discharge quality

Plastics need to be extruded in a plastic granulating machine at the right plasticizing temperature. If the plasticizing temperature is not set correctly, the screw extruder will not be able to reach the ideal plasticizing state, which will lead to problems with vent discharge. The right plasticizing temperature is a key factor in ensuring a smooth extrusion process.

plastic granulator machines
plastic granulator machines

Solutions to the exhaust hole out of the material

Optimisation of the raw material purification system

Upgrading the feedstock purification system with more efficient filtration equipment and technology ensures that the feedstock can be more thoroughly removed from impurities before it enters the plastic granulating machine to ensure that the vents are not contaminated.

Adjustment of feed rate control system

Optimize the feed speed control system of the plastic granulating machine, by adjusting the feed speed, to ensure that the raw material enters the machine at a more stable speed during the screw extrusion process, to avoid the problem of uneven screw extrusion caused by too fast speed.

plastic granulating machine
plastic granulating machine

Fine adjustment of plasticizing temperature

The plasticizing temperature of the plastic granulator equipment is finely adjusted to ensure that the plastic can reach the appropriate fluidity during screw extrusion, and to prevent the temperature from being insufficient to cause the screw extrusion to become a title. Advanced temperature control technology is adopted to ensure temperature stability and accuracy.

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