Plastic Film Recycling Machines Exported to Nigeria Successfully

plastic film recycling machines to Nigeria

Good news! In order to improve production efficiency, a Nigerian business owner who focuses on recycling plastic purchased plastic film recycling machines from Shuliy in search of an efficient way to process waste plastic. The plastic film recycling equipment has been sent to the customer’s plastic recycling factory, and the customer is very satisfied with the operation of the machine.

plastic film recycling machines sent to Nigeria
plastic film recycling machines sent to Nigeria

Background of the customer’s need

Dedicated to the plastic recycling business, this Nigerian customer is well aware of the environmental hazards of plastics and is in urgent need of an efficient and reliable plastic film recycling machines that can convert waste plastics into recycled pellets. During the communication with our project manager, he asked a series of questions about the performance, operation and maintenance of the plastic recycling granulator machine.

Introducing plastic film recycling machines from professional staff

In order to let the customer understand our products better, we took various ways to make an all-round introduction. Through video conference, we show the working process and operation method of the machine; by sending pictures and videos of the plastic film recycling equipment on our own initiative, customers can feel the appearance and actual working effect of the product more intuitively; we also invite customers to visit our factory to experience Shuliy’s manufacturing level.

plastic recycling process equipment
plastic recycling process equipment

The Shuliy team demonstrated professionalism and patience in answering the customer’s concerns. Through in-depth explanations, we gave the customer a clearer understanding of Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machines and won his trust.

Purchase of the machine to give a lot of accessories

In order to make the customers’ production more smoothly after purchasing the plastic recycling granulator machine, we specially give a large number of accessories. This initiative not only shows our concern for our customers, but also ensures the long-term stable operation of our customers in the process of using the machine.

plastic film recycling equipment
plastic film recycling equipment

Machine delivery and expected feedback

After detailed understanding and thorough communication, the customer finally chose Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machines. High productivity, stable performance and perfect after-sales service became the reasons for his choice. At present, the machine has been successfully delivered to the customer’s factory, ushering in a new working stage.

Finally, Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machines have been successfully delivered to the customer’s factory in Nigeria. We have a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and have ensured the smooth implementation of the project through professional answers, meticulous service and considerate after-sales guarantee. We are now looking forward to the feedback from our customers and believe that the innovative solutions provided by Shuliy will give new impetus to their recycled plastics business.

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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