Plastic Film Extruder Machine Successfully Put Into the South African Market

plastic film extruder machine to South African

Plastic film extruder machines are used to convert waste plastic into reusable plastic pellets. A customer from South Africa has purchased Shuliy’s latest plastic pelletizer to improve the plastic recycling process and increase the recycling rate of plastic waste to achieve a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of disposing of waste.

Plastic film extruder machine technical parameters

This plastic film extruder machine has a processing capacity of 50 kilograms per hour. Its power system consists of an 18.5 kW main motor and a 1.1 kW auxiliary motor. It has a screw with a diameter of 90 millimeters, which is capable of effectively pelletizing plastics.

plastic granulator machine
plastic granulator machine

Features of waste plastic film recycling machine

Versatility and efficiency

Shuliy’s waste plastic film recycling machine can efficiently process all kinds of plastic films, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), etc. Waste plastic films are melted at high temperatures and then granulated into high-quality recycled pellets, which realizes the reuse of waste and reduces the waste of resources.

Advanced technology and design

Shuliy plastic pelletizer adopts advanced technology and design, with an automatic operating system, adjustable production capacity and pellet size to meet customers’ needs for different pellet specifications and output.

Stable and reliable operation

Shuliy plastic film extruder machine is known for its stable and reliable operation through a well-designed structure and high-quality manufacturing process, which ensures long-term continuous operation without frequent maintenance.

plastic film washing machine
plastic film washing machine

Plastic pelletizing machine put into operation

After careful installation and commissioning, the Shuliy plastic film extruder machine has arrived at the customer’s plant in South Africa and is running smoothly. Its efficiency and reliability are already beginning to show. Soon after starting operation, the plastic granules extruder machine demonstrated impressive capacity and stability. With a capacity of several tons per hour, it quickly converts waste plastic film into high-quality recycled pellets, bringing significant recycling profits to the customer.

The customer is highly satisfied with the performance and efficiency of the Shuliy plastic granules extruder machine and is confident in the economic benefits and environmental value it brings.

extrusion pelletizing machine
extrusion pelletizing machine

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