Indian Customer Visits Plastic Water Bottle Recycling Machine

client visit plastic water bottle recycling machine

Not long ago a customer from India visited Shuliy plastic bottle washing plant to see the plastic water bottle recycling machine. During this visit, Shuliy technicians were enthusiastic to show the machine operation to the customer, and the customer expressed his willingness to cooperate.

Plastic water bottle recycling machine workflow

The plastic bottle washing line is a highly efficient machine designed to clean and recycle used plastic bottles. Its operation process mainly consists of four key steps: delabeling, crushing, washing and drying. Firstly, the de-labeling stage thoroughly removes labels and stickers from the surface of plastic bottles through specialized equipment, such as a de-labeling machine, to ensure cleanliness and reuse efficiency.

Plastic water bottle recycling machine working process

Next, the crushing stage uses crushers to fragment the de-labeled plastic bottles to make them easier to clean and handle. Then, in the washing stage, the bottle fragments are fed into the washing machine, where they are thoroughly cleaned of surface dirt and residues by high-pressure water flow and detergents to ensure hygiene and safety for re-use.

Finally, in the drying stage, the cleaned plastic bottle fragments are fed into the drying machine and thoroughly dried through the hot air circulation system to ensure their quality and reuse. The whole process is highly automated, easy to operate and capable of handling large quantities of plastic bottles quickly and efficiently.

plastic bottle washing plant
plastic bottle washing plant

Demonstration and explanation by Shuliy staff

During the visit, Shuliy staff showed the Indian customer various plastic water bottle recycling machines used in the plastic bottle recycling process and explained in detail their working principles and usage. The staff also introduced the development history, technical advantages and quality management system of Shuliy to the customer, demonstrating the company’s professional level and industry status in the field of plastic bottle recycling.

PET bottle washing plant
PET bottle washing plant

Through the visit and explanation, the customer had a deeper understanding of Shuliy’s plastic bottle recycling technology and equipment and gained more confidence in the company’s strength and reputation. At the end of the visit, the Indian customers expressed that they were impressed by Shuliy’s technology and equipment and expressed their willingness to cooperate with Shuliy.

Customer’s willingness to co-operate

At the end of the visit, the Indian customer expressed that he was very impressed with Shuliy’s plastic water bottle recycling machine and technology, and believed that it has great potential for cooperation. They expressed their hope to start in-depth cooperation with Shuliy to jointly promote the development of plastic bottle recycling field and contribute to the plastic bottle recycling business in India.

PET bottle recycling equipment
PET bottle recycling machine

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