How to Use Waste Plastic Bags Extruding Pelletizing Properly?

waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing

Waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing is a vital tool when it comes to processing waste plastic bags and converting them into useful recycled plastic pellets. Proper use is essential to ensure an efficient and safe production process.

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Correct use of waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing

Selecting the right plastic and pretreatment

Before using waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing, make sure that the waste plastics selected are of the type that the plastics granulator can handle. At the same time, pre-treating the plastic, such as removing impurities, cleaning and cutting it into small pieces, will help to improve the efficiency of the machine.

Pre-startup inspection

Before starting the plastic pelletizer, check whether all the key components are installed correctly and tightened, make sure the heating system and cooling system are functioning properly, and whether the screw is clean, etc. This can effectively avoid problems during the operation of the waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing.

Control temperature and pressure

Adjust the temperature of the heating system according to the type of plastic to be processed and pay attention to controlling the pressure to ensure that the plastic is processed under suitable conditions.

Pay attention to safe operation

Always wear protective equipment during operation to avoid contact with hands or clothing with running plastics granulator parts. Follow the safety guidelines in the operator’s manual and keep the area around the waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing clean to prevent accidents.

Regular maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the plastic pelletizer will prolong its life. Cleaning the screw and extrusion die head, checking film pelletizing machine parts for wear and tear, and keeping them lubricated are important maintenance steps.

plastic extruder machine
plastic extruder machine

Shuliy’s support and service

Shuliy, as a professional plastic granulator manufacturer, not only provides high-quality equipment but also customizes film pelletizing machines according to customer’s needs to meet different processing capacities and plastic types. We provide comprehensive after-sales support to guide customers to use and maintain the equipment correctly, solve the problems encountered during the use of the waste plastic bags extruding pelletizing, and guarantee the normal operation of the equipment.

plastic pelletizer
plastic pelletizer

If interested, welcome to consult us directly, our professional sales manager will be happy to provide you with more details and solutions.

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