How To Do the Lubrication Work of PP Pelletizing Machine?

plastic recycling pelletizing machine

In the modern plastics processing industry, the plastic pelletizing machine plays a vital role. Among them, PP pelletizing machine is a common type of pelletizing machine, its lubrication is particularly important. Correct lubrication can effectively reduce machine wear and tear, improve productivity and extend equipment life.

PP pelletizing machine
PP pelletizing machine

Preparation before lubrication

Before lubrication, the PP pelletizing machine needs to be carefully checked and prepared first. Check the storage condition of the lubricating oil, make sure the oil quality meets the requirements, and check whether the lubrication system is functioning properly. In addition, make sure that the pelletizing machine for plastic recycling is in a shutdown state before lubrication to ensure the safety of the staff.

Lubrication of PP pelletizing machine turbine box

As one of the key parts of the plastic granulator, the lubrication of the turbine box is directly related to the normal operation of the whole PP pelletizing machine. When lubricating the turbine box, appropriate lubricant should be selected and added according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Replace the lubricant regularly to avoid the aging of the oil affecting the lubrication effect. At the same time, pay attention to checking the sealing performance of the turbine box to ensure that the lubricant will not leak.

plastic film recycling equipment
plastic film recycling equipment

Lubrication of the body case

The body box is a support and protection of the machine’s internal components of the shell, and its lubrication should not be ignored. When lubricating the case, make sure that the lubricant is evenly coated on the internal surface of the case to form an effective lubrication film. Regularly clean up the debris in the body box to prevent debris from entering the lubrication system of the pelletizing machine for plastic recycling and affecting the lubrication effect.

Lubrication of reducer shaft

The reducer shaft is a key transmission component connecting the power source and the PP pelletizing machine, and its lubrication is crucial for reducing friction and wear. When lubricating the reducer shaft, choose lubricants with appropriate viscosity and ensure that the lubricants can fully lubricate the bearings and gears. Regularly check the operating status of the reducer shaft to detect and solve the problem of poor lubrication in time.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

In addition to the regular replacement of lubricating oil, it is also necessary to carry out regular comprehensive maintenance and inspection of the PP pelletizing machine. Check whether the pipeline of the lubrication system is smooth, whether the lubricant is sufficient, and whether the seals are intact. Through regular maintenance, potential problems can be found and solved in time to ensure the stable operation of the plastic granulator for a long time.

plastic recycling equipment
plastic recycling equipment

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