EPS Foam Compactor Sent to US Successfully

EPS foam compactor

Good news! Shuliy EPS foam compactor was successfully shipped to the United States, providing an efficient solution for EPS foam recycling.

Principle of EPS foam compactor

EPS foam compactor is a professional waste foam recycling equipment, the principle is to compress the waste foam by mechanical cold pressure, reduce the volume and increase the density, to achieve the effect of reducing the cost of storage and transportation. Shuliy’s EPS foam cold pressing machine adopts advanced technology to ensure that the material is compressed efficiently and energy-saving during the treatment process without affecting the original performance of the material.

EPS foam cold pressing machine in plant
EPS foam cold pressing machine in plant

EPS foam compactor sent to American

EPS foam cold pressing machine features

  • Efficient compression: The EPS foam cold pressing machine adopts advanced compression technology, capable of compressing large-volume EPS foam into compact blocks in a short period, maximizing compression efficiency.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: The use of advanced environmental protection technology reduces energy consumption and meets the requirements of today’s society for sustainable development and environmental protection. The use of the EPS foam compactor helps to reduce the burden of waste on the environment.
  • Easy to operate: The EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier is designed with the user’s experience in mind, and is easy and convenient to operate, lowering the threshold of use and enabling more companies and organizations to easily realize the efficient recycling of EPS foam.

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