High-quality Plastic Recycling Processing Equipment Shipped to Ethiopia

plastic recycling processing equipment

Good news! Shuliy plastic recycling processing equipment has been successfully shipped to our customer’s factory in Ethiopia to help them recycle all kinds of waste plastics. These recycling machines have been put into operation and the high efficiency has been highly praised by the customer.

Client background and needs

A professional переработка пластика company located in Ethiopia has long been committed to the recycling and reuse of plastic waste. The company mainly handles various types of plastic wastes, including hard materials, film materials, PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE and so on. In order to improve recycling efficiency and product quality, they decided to purchase plastic recycling processing equipment from Shuliy to meet their growing production needs.

отходы пластмассы
отходы пластмассы

Parametes of plastic recycling granulator machine

Конвейерная лентаLength(m): 5
Width(m): 0.5
Power(KW): 1.5
Пластиковая дробилкаМодель: СЛСП-600
Power(KW): 22
Capacity(Kg/h): 600-800 Knives: 10pcs
Материал ножей: 60Si2Mn
2 sets
Plastic pelletizerМашина для производства пеллет
Power(KW): 37
Heat method: ceramic heating
Вторая машина для производства пеллет
Power(KW): 11
винт 1,3 м
Метод нагрева: нагревательное кольцо
Закаленный зубчатый редуктор
Screw material: 40Cr
Материал втулки: термообработанная сталь №45.
Двойная гидравлическая матрица
Пластиковая сушилкаMotor power(KW): 7.5
Dimensions(m): 2.6*0.7
Diameter(m): 0.5
Weight(KG): 450
Blade thickness(mm): 6
Outer wall thickness(mm): 4
Материал: Q235
Basic data on equipment for recycling plastic

Above is the parameter information of the plastic recycling processing equipment to Ethiopia, you can always contact us for customized solutions to meet different production needs.

Reasons why customers choose Shuliy plastic recycling processing equipment

  • Advanced technology: Shuliy plastic recycling granulator machines are designed with advanced technology for high performance and stability. They are capable of handling a wide range of plastic materials, ensuring that the recycling process is efficient and of high quality.
  • Customized solutions: Shuliy offers tailor-made solutions based on the specific needs of the customer. This personalized service helps customers better meet the diverse needs of their plastic recycling process and improve work efficiency.
  • High reliability: Shuliy’s оборудование для переработки пластика is known for its high reliability and durability, and its ability to maintain stable operation in complex working environments, which is especially important for recycling companies that need to process large quantities of plastic waste over a long period of time.

Plastic recycling granulator machine to Ethiopia and put into operation

After detailed communication and confirmation, Shuliy quickly arranged the production and shipment of the plastic recycling processing equipment. At present, the equipment has been installed and commissioned and is in operation. The customer is very satisfied with the performance and results of Shuliy plastic pelletizing recycling machine, and they believe that the equipment will greatly improve their plastic recycling capacity.

If you are also looking for efficient and reliable plastic recycling equipment, why don’t you contact us to learn more about Shuliy plastic recycling machine? We will provide you with the best quality plastic recycling processing equipment and services to meet your various plastic recycling needs.

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