PE Pelletizing Machine Exported to South Sudan

PE pelletizing machine send to South Sudan

Good news! Shuliy PE pelletizing machines were successfully shipped to South Sudan, aiming to help the customer recycle a large number of local waste PE plastic bottles. This plastic recycling pelletizing line contains an automatic feeder, plastic pelletizer, cooling tank, storage bin, etc. With the advantages of high efficiency and durability, it successfully upgraded the customer’s existing recycling equipment and met the customer’s pelletizing needs.

Customer tour of the Shuliy plastic recycling granulator machine factory

In order to better understand the plastic pelletizing process, customers from South Sudan visited the Shuliy plant to see the PE pelletizing machine in action. During the visit, they witnessed the advanced production equipment, exquisite technology and efficient production process. At the same time, Shuliy’s engineers also introduced the working principle and technical parameters of the PE pelletizing line in detail, which enabled the customers to have a deeper understanding of the performance and reliability of the equipment.

PE granulating machine
PE granulating machine

Plastic recycling machine delivered to the customer

After intense production and inspection, the PE pelletizing machines were successfully sent to South Sudan, injecting new vitality into the customer’s plastic pelletizing plant. After receiving the equipment, the customer immediately carried out the installation and debugging work and put it into production in a short time.

Through communication and feedback with the customer, we were informed that the operation effect of the plastic pelletizing line was very satisfactory. The output of recycled pellets is of excellent quality and meets the expected requirements, and the customer is very satisfied with it.

Plastic granulation process video

PE pelletizing machine granulation process

Features of Shuliy PE pelletizing machines

  • High working efficiency: Shuliy plastic recycling granulator adopts automated production process, which is able to produce continuously and efficiently, greatly improving the production efficiency. The automated operation process and equipment regulation make the production process more stable and controllable.
  • Good product quality: Through precise process control and strict quality management, the quality of products produced by plastic recycling pellet machines is usually high. From raw material feeding to finished product discharging, each link is strictly controlled to ensure the quality stability of the final product.
  • Strong adaptability: Plastic granulator machines usually have a certain degree of adaptability, can handle a variety of types of plastics, and can also be adjusted and optimized for different product requirements. This adaptability makes the plastic pelletizing line flexible and malleable in response to different demands and market changes.

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