800-heavy Plastic Waste Crusher Machine Sent to Tanzania

plastic recycling crusher machine

A customer from Tanzania purchased a Shuliy 800-heavy plastic waste crusher machine. The crusher machine has been successfully shipped and we are looking forward to the customer’s feedback.

Client background and needs

Globally, plastic waste has become a major environmental challenge, and Tanzania, as a key country in the East African region, is facing an urgent need for waste plastic disposal. A plastics recycling processor located in Tanzania realized that effective treatment of waste PET bottles was the key to solving the problem. They are in urgent need of an efficient and reliable plastic waste crusher machine to convert waste PET bottles and plastic barrels into reusable plastic flakes for recycling processing.

800-heavy plastic shredder machine parameters

Model SL-800 plastic waste crusher machine has a box plate thickness of 30mm and a fixed knife holder thickness of 50mm. 5 knives, 3 movable and 2 fixed, with a control cabinet.

In addition to this, we send a set of knives and screens to our customers free of charge.

Plastic waste crusher machine shipped to the customer’s factory

After communicating and confirming with the customer, Shuliy provided a complete solution, including the supply of plastic recycling crusher machine, installation and commissioning, and technical training services. Now, this advanced plastic crusher machine has been successfully sent to the customer’s factory in Tanzania, ready to be put into production. We are confident that the customer will be able to reuse waste plastics through our equipment and look forward to more successes and achievements in their actual operation.

plastic waste crusher machine
plastic waste crusher machine

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